Amazing Power of Silence That Can Change Your Life!

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If you look at your surroundings, you can see that almost everyone is so busy. Some of them are so moving fast that no time to say even hello. This is a very common scenario in busy life. It looks like that they don’t have any Silence in the Mind. Yes, Amazing Power of Silence that can change your Life. If you forgot to be in Silence, this Article might remind you again to be in Silence.

Yes, this is very common scenario nowadays. If someone is not moving fast in this world, he or she has some kinds of feelings that I am almost gone or down. Almost no silence at all, it doesn’t surprise us not much as it is a very common scenario for all of us each & every day. Have you noticed it? If not, please try to see by yourself & see the reality.

But, it is unbelievable that Silence has amazing power to impact of your life. If we can understand the Power of Silence, our thinking about life will be completely change. The world will be really full of peace beings!

You can find amazing powers of Silence which described in brief below.

Silence enhance Power of Patience:

Patience is one of the most key factor in life which helps us to remain calm & wait for the things to happen. Unfortunately, most of us almost impatience and not willing to wait for longer period even situation demands to be in patience. In reality, this phenomena or scenario is very commonly observed among all of us.

As result, we have to face distraction mentally. But, Silence is the source o to generate patience. Silence leads us to understand the consequences of reality & thus helps us to remain in silence. Let the things happen in due time & be in patience to make it happen as usual rather than being restless.

If you look at the traffic jam on the road, you can find some of the people are too much impatience and get crazy to move fast. As a result, either they drive fast by breaking the traffic rules and face consequences of penalty for doing such things. If wait for few minutes with patience, pretty sure, they could be avoided such situation easily. Unfortunately, that not happened in many times. Have you seen such scenario?

Silence Reduce Wastage of Mental Energy:

Silence helps us to avoid perform unnecessary activities like to talk very limited as well and to avoid loud talk. This helps to avoid unnecessary wastage of both physical & mental energy. Silence put us to stay calm without distraction, which helps us to be mentally energetic.

In fact, when someone is in silence, things starts to flow very naturally. What extent need to go and what level need to act, everything comes from the mind very naturally. This is the great power of silence.

Silence Reduces Mental Distractions:

When someone remains in Silence, the Brain frequency usually get reduced. As a result, it does impact on thoughts process. The Mind or Brain starts to reduce thoughts. Clouds of thoughts almost gone or very naturally fewer thoughts starts to generate from the Mind.

When, fewer thoughts are in the Mind, eventually, the Mind become more and more calm. Either no distractions observed in the Mind or very less distraction observed in the Mind. Have you noticed it?

Silence helps you to Lowering Physical Stress:

Many of us absolutely not aware that there is a big impact on physical health when someone remains in Silence. Those who remains in Silence, you can find that their Physical Stress level is too low. As their Mind is also in the state of calmness, they have less anxiety or tension. Such physical & mental conditions helps to flow their blood pressure in a normal range. Mostly, peoples in Silence situation are not facing high blood pressure problem.

It is not surprising at all that most of the peoples are facing severe physical & mental distraction due to not able to live in Inner & Outer silence. If you deeply observe this, of course, you will find the same scenario. 

You will be the Center of Everyone’s Attention while in Silence:

Those who remain in Silence, usually, they are in attention of everyone. In fact, these type of people usually very attentive & put their every steps of actions knowing very well in a right manner or way. They never do anything in a hurry.

They do the things once they are sure it is okay to do. Every single steps they put with proper way. Silence people listen & observe carefully & thoroughly. Then, they decide what to do or what not to do. Such traits of personality be always attractive, and they become the center of everyone’s attention, no matter in business world or in social engagement.

Silence is the Source of Creation:

One of the fantastic fact of silence is that it is true source of Creation. In fact, the best invention, best music, best movie, best novel, whatever it is, you will be surprised that these persons mostly spent their time in Silence. In fact, Silence inspires to think & find out the true nature of creativity.

Silence helps to get the person to think very deeply or observe very deeply. Then, Inner Creativity flashes in the Mind. Things come out in the creation process & see the light of reality. This is all time happened and happening too for those who are living their lives in true Silence.

Silence enhances Mental Clarity:

Many studies show that no distractions of too little distraction observed in the mental level those who spends their time in Silence. Do you know why?

The reasons behind less distraction due too very fewer thoughts appears in the Mind & disappear also in the Mind very fast. No Clouds thoughts appear in the Mind. Mental Peace or Bliss always remain in the Mind. As a result, Mental Clarity noticed in the Mind. When Mental Clarity is there, existence of things reveals or observe very clearly as it exists.

Silence enhance Observation Clarity:

Distraction in the Mind by the Clouds of thoughts always creates a cloud over the observation too. When Clarity is there I the Mind, observation become clearer. Situation or scenario or facts or figures, whatsoever, everything appear in the Mind very clearly.

As a result, true nature reflects in the Mind though sensory organs. Course of actions takes place in the right manner. This is only possible when the Mind is very clear & remain in clarity. Since is the true source of brining clarity in the Mind. It is quite impossible to find clarity while someone is in the state of distractions.

If someone is in distractions, the Mind starts to wander. Not able to keep focus at the moment. What happened in such situation? Doubts, indecision, uncertainty, etc., all starts to appear in the Mind. This scenario is very common in daily personal or work life. Being in Silence, all these mental phenomena disappears. Have you experienced such situation?

Silence is full of Answers:

In many cases, being in silence, much better than not reply or respond. Especially in a hot argument issues, if one of the side keep continue arguing & not willing to listen anything and stick with his logic, it’s better to be in Silence rather than not answering. Of course, Silence doesn’t mean that there is no answers or logic at all. In fact, Silence is full of Answers.

No matter how many times you explained or expressed, if the counterpart is absolutely arrogant and not willing to listen anything, it is no point to answer rather than remain in Silence. If no response at all from your side, the counterpart has no option rather to step in to slow down his or her actions or arguments and ended up with no words.

Such situation is very often happens in our daily life, no matter in personal relationship or in business or in work place. Someone has to open up the Mind with Silence & spread the vibration of Silence to cool down the situation. In fact, Silence is many powerful expressions rather than answering by words. What’s your opinion in this case?

Silence enhances Focus:

Being is Silence power of Focus enhance and amazing work. The person who remains in silence, his Focus is very sharp. He can clear understand thing with right focus. Not moving here & there, rather Focus on a certain point or issue which the persons feel to do so at that moment. Mind directs properly to pay attention as the person willingly to so. Sharpen Focus helps to understand situation, scenario, and things very properly & clearly by avoiding illusion.

Silence enhances Psychological Freedom:

Most of the people who live in the silence usually very strong in psychologically. In fact, a state of freedom in psychologically always remains. No distraction in the Mind. No clouds of thoughts in the Mind. Less egoistic activities or no egocentric Mind. No attachments to emotions. No bondage of emotions, rather to be in reality. Absolutely free from psychological bondage.

Being in Silence enhance more & more freedom in psychologically. The persons become stronger to face & accept reality of salutation rather than floating in the level of emotions. This is fact.

Silence enhances more Skillful Negotiation:

Skillful Negotiation Power is the most important thing no matter whether it is our personal issues or business issues. It is always that everyone wants to establish their ideas or thoughts over the other. In fact, such traits are very common nature of all human beings. To establish your ideas or thoughts or your demands, Silence can strongly play a vital role.

Being in Silence, proper listening & observing, you can do pinpoint analysis of the fact whereas the counterpart just putting approach of thoughts logically. Once you are silent, counterpart get confused & starts to hurry to close the deal to establish his or her ideas or plan. You can slowly place your thoughts or plan once everything is very clear. You are almost at the winning point & have the deal in favor of you as it was properly listened & observed & later on placed in the right manner with right approach & right value to close.

If not wrong, you have encountered such situation many times in the life. Isn’t it?

Silence enhances Listening Power:

Enhancing listening Power is one of the best part of Silence. Remaining in Silence, your Mind has widely open up to hear each & everything what is happening at the moment. No distractions in the Mind. No clouds of thoughts appear. Focusing on the existing situation take place. In most cases, almost everyone listen to answers, not to understand and then respond. Once properly listen without any distraction, each & every point & situation becomes clearer to the person who remains in Silence. Listen properly & understood properly. The, decision made & take place in actions.

Listening properly is most effective while you are in a meeting or in a conversation or in a dialogue. It is not surprising at all that good listener mostly dominates the other party as most of the time the other party always engaged with talking retailer than listening properly.

As an example. The student who remain in Silence most talk very less. But, spend time in Silence to listen very properly & get a very clear understanding of the lecturers in the class. As a result, the student do much well in all aspects of examinations or other activities comparing with all others student.

Silence enhances Intuition Power:

As no distraction or too little distraction in the Mind due to remain in Silence, the Mind gets enough space in between two thoughts. Mind gets ample space & ample time to think any issue or thing or situation very deeply.

As a result, the Mind can go deep to deeper to find out the real things without illusion. This is one of the best things happens while remain in Silence as it has already enhanced Intuition Power in the Mind. The Mind clearly see the things or scenario without any distraction and apply its intuition power to bring out the best possible things as solution.

Silence helps to Live in the Moment:

It is a very common scenario that almost everyone either live in the Past, Present & Future almost every time. Past has gone forever. It will never be back. On the other hand, the future is absolutely unpredictable as it is yet to come. The Mind gets distracted due to moving around in the past, future & present in moment to moment.

Not able to concentrate at the moment. The Mind become restless. Continuous thoughts take in place from experience which has been stored in the subconscious mind as memories, creating possible situation or images or patterns based on memories. Present Moments get clouded. The Mind get lost under clouds of thoughts. Anxiety, Worries, tensions, etc., starts to occur. The Monkey Mind starts to act like a wild Monkey!

But, remaining in Silence, thoughts process tremendously slow down. Very fewer thoughts take place in the Mind. The Mind become so calm that it gains the power to live in the present with full focus & concentration. The Mind become clearer to understand situation of the present rather moving in the past or in the future.

Silence dramatically reduces Distractions of Thoughts:

The Mind usually generates thoughts after thoughts while absence of Silence both in inner & outer. Due to frequent thoughts, the Mind get almost no time to have rest. One thought appear & disappear in a moment. The second thought appears & following one after one thoughts.

The Mind is absolutely got filled of thoughts. Almost no space in the Mind. But, why? It is nothing but appearing & disappearing of thoughts in a continuous manner like a chain form. No break or gap at all.

While the Mind is absolutely in Silence, too little or almost no thoughts appear. One thought to another thought has wide gap of moments. The Mind gets ample time to have in rest even it continuously work round the clock. While too little or almost no thoughts in the Mind, the Mind gets free from distraction.

Look at yourself to experience it!

Silence is full of Aloneness:

Most of us think that if someone is in Silence either he is absolutely introverted or isolated or un-social. This is very common thinking we can find within ourselves. Isn’t it?

In fact, in most cases, this thinking goes wrong. Why? We only see the outer side of the person. Not in & out observation thoroughly. The person is absolutely the opposite.

The person is absolutely in full of aloneness. He knows very well what to do & what not to do. Silence makes the person to be away from the distraction but, absolutely be in aware of moment to moment both inner situation as well surroundings too. He is completely remaining in full of awareness!

Silence increase Self Awareness:

Silence increases a great Awareness of Self. As the persons has almost no distraction in the Mind. The Mind is absolutely in the state of Calm. Awareness initiates to flourish within the self that is in the Mind & Matter as well surroundings.

Due to no distractions, the Mind is absolutely free from any kinds of bondage. The Mind is too calm to describe. Moment to moment awareness starts to notice in the Mind. This is the attributes of Silence which helps to create Awareness!

Silence increases Self Control Power:

It is very common that most of us failed to control ourselves in critical moments. Specially anger run in the Mind. As an example, if a person is very angry on someone else due to some reasons, he or she starts to raise voice & sometimes it is not surprise at all that anger burst into fighting or creates a terrible & unpleasant situation.

Such situation was even unexpected by both of them, yet it occurred. But, why? Due to lack of control on self among the both persons. Why anger occurred? The answer is also simple. Due to distraction in the Mind, they have lost their self-control. Inner Silence is absolutely absent in both of them. If they were remaining in Silence, no distractions were in the Mind. They might be in clarity & aware of consequences of anger.

Unfortunately, both of them were out of Silence & No awareness were in both of them.

Silence creates Self Dependency:

When Self-Control is there, they are absolutely self-depended, too. Silence build Self dependency. Silent person knows very well what to do in or not to do in every situation. Very clear understanding with clarity of observation guides the Silent persons to do the right things in the right moment. In fact, Silence helps to do things by himself or herself.

Due to Self-dependency, the person knows well to fit himself or herself in all aspects of situation. Movement of all single steps observed within a disciplined frame. Controls over every action. Absolutely, movements occur with self-dependency while someone is in Silence. 

Silence directs you to do the Rights Things in the Right Time:

Due to clarity of the Mind, observation & understanding both are very clearly occurs properly. This is all occurs due to Silence. Being in Silence, focused & concentration are very sharply flows. The person’s Mind directs properly to do Right Thins at the Right Moment.

The persons are fully aware not only inside but also surroundings around him or her. As a result, their action also move based on right understanding, which pushes them to do right things at the right time. A well-disciplined manner observed due to Silence.

Silence helps to gain you a Trustworthy person:

If you observe the person who remains in Silence, you can find that the persons usually talks less. Mostly avoid unnecessary talks & avoid unnecessary wastage of time. Right Understanding, Right Talk, Right time, Right Actions, Right Awareness, etc. all starts to take place within a person while in Silence.

As a result, the person who remain or live in silence, they become trustworthy. Words from them is more than action. If they say ‘Yes’, that means it will never be ‘No’. One Single Word, which is much more precious than a thousand words. 

Have you noticed it among those who usually loves to live in Silence?

Silence alerts you choose Right Words & to Think before Speak:

In fact, words can make or break anything at any time. It might be in personal life or in business life. One wrong word can make everything hell. One wrong word can destroy everything which was build many years of hard labor! Choosing a right word in very hard in momentary life.

Being in Silence, it helps to have clarity of listening, observing & understanding. Before utter, the Mind remind to pick the Right Word based on situation. Hence, Silence, always helps to choose the Right Words before utter. It reminds think many times before the words come out from the lounge.  A word is much more sharpen than a knife.

Should we not think several times before utter a word, especially in critical or decision-making situation?

Silence helps you to be Selective in Social Engagement:

As for Social engagement, the person who remains in Silence is usually selective. Limited numbers of friends usually seen. It doesn’t meant that the person is un-social. Of course, not.

Usually, such person usually do everything in a selective way. In that case. Selection of friends be fall in same way also. Basically, he or she prefers to justify mental or psychological level of other sides. The person spend quality time very properly without any wasting a moment.

Isn’t better to spend quality time rather than spending ample non-quality time.  

Silence increases Brain Cell & Boost up Memory:

Scientific research shows that Silence helps to increase Brain Cells. Memory stimulates those who remain in Silence. As the Mind or Brain as in the state of Calmness, impressions or patterns or scenario or situation, etc., whatever he or she experiences while in Silence, a footprint remain in the Mind.

It never destroyed.  This footprint of images, experiences, patterns, scenario, situation, etc., stored in the Memory in Sub-conscious level of the Mind. Such blueprint may appear as thoughts at any time whenever the Mind thinks to bring it up to conscious level. This is a very amazing power of the Mind which only able to enrich in Silence.

Silence put in deep down to select Priority:

Distraction of the Mind can make the person in puzzle situation. Doubt appears in the Mind. That causes to go back & forth. Whereas, living in Silence is absolutely distraction free.

The Mind is very clear and free from clouds of thoughts. Hence, the person can prioritize which one need to do first on priority or which one needs to push behind.

Great Planning & Actions come from the Source of Silence:

It is not surprise at all that all Great Planning & Actions mostly reveals from the source of Silence. No matter of personal life or business life,

Silence plays a very vital role for proper planning & actions with deep down of justifying back & forth.

Silence increase Sleep Quality:

This is very common scenario that most of the peoples are facing tremendous Sleep disorder almost every day. Do you know why this is happening? The only one reason is enough to justify it. Lack of Silence is in the Mind. When no Silence remains in the Mind, the Mind starts to get tremendous distractions. Thus, resulted, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. Situation forces to have medication.

If you watch TV shows at night for many hours for few days, obviously, you can find that your Sleep Pattern has been changed.

Have you experienced this. If not, please don’t do this, as never prefer you to face Sleep disorder at all!

Meditation starts with Inner Silence:

If you remain in Meditation, very sure that Mediation starts to flourish with Silence. The first step of Meditation is to put yourself in the arena of Silence. Being in Silence, you can understand your Mind & Matter. You can find yourself in the Awareness, both inside & outside.  Absence of Silence is not Meditation at all. In fact, Silence is the pure source of Mediation.

I do remain in Meditation with Silence almost all times. What about you?

If not, you are missing a precious gift of the Nature to reveal yourself!

Silence helps you to understand yourself better as well your surroundings:

Silence is the Source of creation. Silence is the source of Awareness. Awareness only able to reveals while you are in Silence. When you are in Silence, you are in Meditation. Once you are in Meditation, you can understand the true meaning of the life.

You can understand your Mind & Body. You can understand even all around i.e. surroundings of yourself. The Nature, the environment, etc. In fact, no Silence, you are absolutely unaware of true nature of Mind & Matter.

Silence helps you to connect with Nature:

If the Mind is in distraction, you will never be able to understand the true nature of anything. It only creates a cloud of thoughts over the Mind. Illusion surrounded. No true nature reveals. If you can be able see the Nature truly, you can understand not only the Nature, but also yourself too.

Silence implies you to truly understand & to connect yourself with the Nature. The amazing beauty of the Nature can only able to open up in your Mind while you are absolutely in Silence.

You are very close to the moment of ‘Aha’ while you are being in Silence in the Nature!

Silence enhances Concentration:

No doubt at all that Silence increase power of Concentration. While someone remains longer period of time, he or she can find a dramatic change of such increasing power of Concentration.

The Mind never get scattered. It remains in center and absolutely in Concentration at the moment. No past or no future. The Moment of Now!

Silence is the Door Steps to Spirituality:

No matter of beliefs or Faiths, if you have question like “Who AM I”, you have to step in Silence without any question. This is no doubt. Silence is the Door of Spirituality! Silence is the Door of “Self Realization”! Silence is the Door “Knowing True Self”!

Yes, there is no doubt at all. Once you put yourself in the Silence, very naturally you fall in the Meditative State. Keep continue being in Silence means keep remain in the state of Meditation. Gradually, you can find that unfolding the true of ‘Self’. Unfolding the true nature of the ‘Matter’. Finally, you can find the true nature of yourself & the Answer of what you are searching for, “Who Am I”?


Do hope you will be agreed with me that we, all, almost forgot to be in Silence as everyone is running in the race of survival. Knowing or unknowing, we are putting us in the clouds of distraction, both physically and mentally. It is very hard to get rid of as we almost have lost self-control or too little control due to egocentric Mind always runs with emotions & the Mind always get attached to such emotions in this fast life.

Yet, if we are a bit aware and put ourselves in Silence, of course, we could have reduce tremendous distractions like Mental Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Restlessness, etc.

Isn’t it?

Please deep down your thoughts to change your life by knowing amazing power of Silence.

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