Functions of the Mind that might Surprise you!

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It is not surprising at all that most of us are not much aware at all how the Mind usually functions. Even each & every moment, we, all human beings are using the Mind to perform our activities for survival. But, we are not much aware or known functions of the Mind even it is the driving force of our life

If we don’t have at least basic idea how the Mind (Brain) functions, how we can properly utilize our Mind effectively in our daily activities to make the life much meaningful? Isn’t it?

Even many Theories or Models has been drawn out about the different levels of the Mind functioning and have also many debates too. Yet most widely known Theory or Model of Austrian Psychologist Sigmund Freud has taken in consideration which expressed below in brief.

Mind Functions in Three Levels

Sigmund Freud, the Austrian Psychologist, has conducted several studies to figure out the different functional levels of the Mind. According to him, Conscious, Pre-Conscious (Sub-Conscious) and Unconscious Mind forms these three levels of the Mind. These levels are Conscious MindPre-Conscious Mind (Sub-Conscious Mind) & Unconscious Mind.

These studies is just based on theoretical basis. Even, these Mendel is based on theories, but, it is hard to prove scientifically. Though this Model is still popular, yet, continuous Scientific Research are going on every day to open up more things in light about the Mystic Mind.

Detail Explanations of Three Levels of the Mind

Functional Levels of the Mind

Conscious Mind:

The tips of the Triangle are compared with the Consciousness Mind that occupies a little portion of the space. Reference to the fact that only 10% of the Space of the Mind (Brain) occupied by Conscious level.

Pre-Conscious (Sub-Conscious) Mind:

Under the occupied space of Conscious level, slightly larger space comprise which is Pre-Conscious (Sub-Conscious) level of the Mind. This occupied space is 50%-60% of the Mind (Brain).

Unconscious Mind:

Below the Pre-Conscious (Sub-Conscious) level i.e. the base level of the Triangle is Unconscious level which is absolutely Deep & Dark and this occupied space is 30-40%. This part or level of the Mind (Brain) is Deep & Dark and very least accessibility to Conscious thoughts of the Mind.

How these Three Level of the Mind Functions?

All three levels of the Mind functions in three different way though all these levels are interconnected. Brief functional activities are as below.

Functions of Conscious level:

Conscious level take the leading level position of the Mind. This Conscious level acts like the Mater of the Mind.

Conscious level is the part of the Mind through the means of which others are able to understand and get associated with the person

Conscious level acts as responsible part of the Mind or Brain to communicate with outside the world though the means of pictures, patterns, facts, writing, reading, speaking, figures, thoughts, etc. and also the physical movement or activities at the present moment.

Pre-Conscious (Sub-Conscious) Mind:

Pre-Conscious or Sub-Conscious Mind basically acts as the storage house of the Mind, like the Hard Drive of a Computer.

Pre-Conscious or Sub-Conscious Mind preserve or store all the experiences of the physical activities or mental activities as Memory. These might be any kinds of normal incidents or specific trauma which has been forgotten by the Conscious level and is no longer important or required for the person.

The Pre-Conscious or Sub-Conscious level of the Mind is in continuous contact or connected with the Unconscious level of the Mind to perform activities.

Beliefs, Attitude, Habits & Behaviors of a person usually formed on the basis of memories, experiences, which were stored or saved in the Sub-Conscious or Pre-Conscious level.

Sub-Conscious level of the Mind acts as the bridge in between Unconscious level & Conscious level.

Functions of Pre-Conscious (Sub-Conscious) Mind:

The unconscious level of the Mind establishes contact with the Conscious level through the means of the level of Pre-Conscious or Sub-Conscious level.

Unconscious level stores all the thoughts, memories, and feelings all that are disturbing or traumatic. This level acts like deeply buried in the deep or dark level of the Mind.

Unconscious level is similar as tip of the iceberg where huge amount of forgotten or buried thoughts feelings, traumatic experiences are lying.


Until now, there is no definite definition of Conscious Mind. But, it has been proposed that the factor which is distinguishing the Conscious level from the Subconscious level or Unconscious level is the “Awareness”.  

But, it is absolutely not right that Subconscious level is not fully aware. If Subconscious level is not aware at all how the human beings are perform activities in Conscious level at the present moment while pulling information out from Subconscious or Preconscious level. In fact, everything is interconnect and coordinating each other through Consciousness.  This question is obviously appears. What you think?

All above are a basic explanation of the three levels of the Mind. Yet, human Mind is functioning in many mysterious levels, there are continuous levels of study & research are ongoing in different levels. There are still many debates or opinions are in the field of Conscious level. Yet, it’s not fully unfolded & expect in coming days human beings will be able to know much more.


Let’s look at few examples to understand practically.

If someone is driving the car from office to home, once he or she has reached at home he or she has no memory of the trip once arrive at destination. In fact, the driving activities has performed in the present moment with Conscious level where as activities all supported by Subconscious level like movements of hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc.

The other example, when a newly born baby perform his or her activities, in fact, majority of the functions are being performed based on Subconscious & Unconscious level supports to perform all the tasks. In this case, the bay has no previous experience at all. The Baby starts to cry when he or she is hungry. Mother feeds him or her to meet needs. Slowly & gradually the Baby’s Mind develop and matured enough to understand.

When the baby grows and become adult, he or she forgot almost everything or events of childhood. All these activities or events or things deeply buried or went down in the Unconscious level of the Mind.

Is the Mind Mysterious?

Knowing or observing all above facts or functional activities of the Mind, pretty sure, the question appears in front of us. “Is the Mind Mysterious”? Isn’t it ?

Yes, there is no doubt at all. The Mind is absolutely Mysterious. All human beings are performing activities in the present moment with Conscious level of the Mind which is 10% only!  On the other hand, Subconscious or Pre-conscious level is 50%-60% and Unconscious level is 30%-40%!

The most Mysterious part is the Unconscious level, which is 30%-40% absolutely Dark & Deep. Scientists, Researchers, are continuously trying to unfold everything. Yet, not much development. This is the most Mysterious level of the Mind, which is always in the circle of attention of all human being.

Another curious thing is, using full 10% of Conscious level only human beings are getting so much developed all the ways in this planet, what would be in case of Conscious level is more than that of 10%?What would be the scenario in that case? Have you imagine it?

Is it possible to increase 10% Conscious level to more or get access to the Dark & Deep part of the Mind where 30%-40% level remaining as Unconscious? What would be the scenario in such case?

If human beings can able to increase the level of Conscious part of the Mind, there will be a tremendous light of Consciousness for all human beings. No doubt at all that the world will be a state of luminous minds. What you think about such ideas?

Apart from all this, there is question always move around in my Mind. It might be look funny. Yet, such question might be in your Mind can come up also. All the Enlightened human beings who got Self Realization or had Un-folded the True Nature of the Self, did they have the opportunity to access in the Unconscious level of the Mind?

If all Enlightened Beings had the access to the Dark & Deep level of Unconscious, sure, Meditation or Yoga is not the Path for such journey? It might not be supported to prove scientifically, but, not avoiding at all based on unlimited evidence in the world. Science deals with facts & figures & evidence to prove anything. Yet, many Mysterious things or facts or events, etc., of the material world science can’t solve or fail to solve. Still, science is struggling to prove or find scientific explanation or evidence to meet acceptable by the human beings.


This is no doubt that human Mind is really mysterious. In fact, huge potential is lying underneath in the Sub-Conscious & Un-Conscious level apart from Conscious level. This is just like the precious things are lying under the dust. Unless dust removed, luminosity shines in a blur way. Being in Meditation, such luminosity is slowly & gradually would be un-folded?

This is absolutely a personal experience & realization to find out the true nature of the Mind. The real gem is absolutely from Knowing to Unknowing discovery. In fact, this Pathless Path as the Mind shifts from moment to moment in different directions. Of course, we always prefer to have more & more scientific explanation to know & understand more & more about the Mysterious Mind as general apart from individual or self experience..

Ignorance is the cloud over the Mind which has covered the luminosity of Mind.  Such luminosity or shiny powers of the Mind can only be able to uncover through self-experience, rather than defining the tremendous & luminous power of the Mind in a generalized manner.

What you think? 

Functional Level of the Mind

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