How Mindfulness is absolutely different from Meditation?

If you search for the word ‘Mindfulness‘ in Google, within s second, you can find thousands of articles on Mindfulness. Don’t be surprise that almost every article you can find like – Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness Exercise, How to do Mindfulness Meditation, What is Mindfulness Meditation, etc. You can try it while reading this Article.

No doubt all these Articles are well written & of carouse intention is for well-being of readers. But, the most socking fact is the Mindfulness and Meditation are completely two different things in reality. Yes, Mindfulness & Meditation are absolutely two different things. Even it happened to me also two decades back while started to know much more about Mindfulness and also Meditation.

After continuous study on Buddhism Texts and all other relevant subjects, finally, it was very clear understanding that Mindfulness & Meditation are absolutely two different aspects.

This article will help you to get a very clear understanding why Mindfulness is not Meditation. Let move on the Key Points.

Let’s look at the reasons why Mindfulness & Meditation comes as Mindfulness Meditation widely though there are differences between Mindfulness & Meditation.

Why Mindfulness Meditation everywhere even they are separate meaning?

Even these two words have separate meaning, yet, Mindfulness Meditation you can find almost everywhere. In fact, Mindfulness is not Meditation at all.

Most possible reasons are behind, which you can find below.

  • Not going into the depth of the subject, what is Mindfulness & What is Meditation. Floating information from the surface level can’t express the clear picture.
  • Lack of study & research not taken part in place to understand much more clearly rather than accepting basic understanding.
  • Less understanding about Mindfulness & Meditation due to limited understanding caused by not step in depth of the subjects.
  • As Mindfulness has taken position of huge popularity for wellbeing of humanity, some Teachers, Gurus, Mentors, etc. brought up Mindfulness Meditation in front of the people.
  • Lack of tendency to go into depth of understanding when things are readily available in front of the people.
  • Wide spread of thousands of topics as Mindfulness Meditation might create understand of Mindfulness & Meditation are same.

Let’s go right to the topic, why Mindfulness is not Meditation.

How Mindfulness is not Meditation?:

  • Mindfulness is the ability of the Mind to be Aware at the Present Moment without any judgement, whereas Meditation is a form of Training or Practice.
  • To reach a certain level of ability to cultivate in the Mind, a person has to spare ample time on practicing or cultivating the Mind. Otherwise, Mindfulness doesn’t flourish or develop. Mindfulness is a continuous Awareness of the Mind in the Present Moment. But, Meditation is only targeting to practice without being in Awareness at the Present Moment.
  • Mindfulness act as Observer or Doorkeeper all the times. No matter of day or night, Mindfulness always be there. But, Meditation takes formal practice for certain time & form.
  • Mindfulness always remain at any place & any time. In fact, all the times a person can remain in the Awareness of the Present Moment, i.e. in Mindfulness. As for the Meditation, the Practitioner does in practice based on his or her available time.
  • Meditation is the Outcome or Result to be Being in the Present. In contrast, Meditation is the act of going in training.


In reality, Mindfulness is the ability to keep the Mind to be in the Present Moment without any judgement. To gain such ability to flourish Mindfulness, takes ample practice of some kind of Meditation Form. Of course, it takes ample time to be cultivated or train up the Mind. But, the result is unique.

As the average Mind or untrained Mind always act like the Monkey Mind, natural tendency always there to wander in the Past, the Present & the Future also. It’s so hard to keep the Mind to remain in the Present unless it is cultivated or trained. Ability or capability of the Mind doesn’t come automatically. To reach the state of ability, a person has to spend or go through ample training of the Mind. Even it takes time, it works so well.

Hence, Mindfulness is not the Meditation at all.

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