How to Reduce your Mental Anxiety Naturally?

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This is not a surprise at all that everyone is running in the race of survival in this fast moving world. No choice at all to move fast while the question of survival is there. This is a common scenario in this fast moving world.

Moving in the race of survival, the Mind has to keep continue to get busy almost all the times. Do this, do that, move fast, why this?, why that?, so on., are a daily scenario you can find in everywhere. If you carefully observe, you can find that a huge number of the people are running with Mental Anxiety. Yet, can’t stop running in the race of survival and to think over how to reduce Mental Anxiety.

If you are aware and take preventive measures, indeed, Mental Anxiety can reduce easily. When situation goes too worse, then, start to jump over it. This is a common picture in busy life.

You can find below, how I usually and naturally prevent as well reduce the Mental Anxiety which are sharing from my real life experience. Hope it might help you too as well.

Living in the Present Moment:

Yes, Living in the Present Moment with Mindful Awareness is the most important factor. Being aware of Moment to Moment about the inside of the Mind as well all around sensation of the physical body and also surroundings of self wherever the Mind goes around out of the body. The Mind, in a broader sense, can go in two places. Either in & out of the Body and any place or anywhere which is out of the body. Wherever goes the Mind, only follow it & bring back naturally in the present moment with mindful awareness.

Of course, the Mind can go to the past and also in the future which is a natural tendency of the Mind, yet, let it go as usual. Mind wandering is a natural tendency of the Mind as deigned to act. Being aware of the moment and gently bring back to the present moment in awareness. This is like, go on and go off situation. Wherever you notice that the Mind wandering in the past or in the future, bring back in the present moment in a gentle way without any forcing. A reputation of the same process can help the Mind to get use to in new behavior.

In the initial stage to be in the present, the Mind frequently might start wandering. Keep continuing to bring back to the present moment again and again whenever you noticed that your Mind is not in the present moment. Slowly and gradually, the Mind get used to this new behavioral pattern. This new pattern goes to the Subconscious level of the Mind and the Mind starts to follow the new pattern automatically. In fact, the Mind understand the new pattern, which by default, starts to function as autopilot. Being starts to live in the present moment, the Mind gets more use to face the present situation.

Observe Thoughts of the Mind:

In fact, the Mind is the source of creating thoughts after thoughts which leads you to ultimately face the Mental Anxiety. Mind is the source of creation of thoughts after thoughts which creates Mental Anxiety you have to understand in first hand.

Observe the Mind in the present moment silently without any action or reaction or analysis or judging. Only act as a Silent Observer.

How it functions, how it acts, how it reacts, what is going on at the present moment, etc., are to focus point of the Mind Being to observe moment to moment how thoughts arise and how thoughts disappear, the Mind starts to understand that the Mind is being observed by itself. This is like Observe the Mind by the Mind.

How thoughts arise in the Mind, how it reacts, how thoughts disappear, etc., are the main focus of the observance. If you carefully observe the Mind, you will be able to notice that no thoughts last long. All thoughts are momentary. Thoughts arise in the Mind and disappear in the Mind also.

Once you start to observe the thoughts, all the thoughts starts to lose their strength or power. The Mind, then, loose interests over these thoughts. Thus, the Mind starts to reduce thoughts naturally and starts to be in the state of calmness. Slowly, you can find that thoughts are creating Anxiety are going to disappear slowly.

Be Away from Judgement:

Once you start to observe thoughts, the Mind might start to analyze, judge, act or react, resist, replacing thoughts over thoughts, etc. Only be aware and stay away when you notice these activities. Of course, in the initial stage you might face tough situation to do so. Yet, keep continue to follow the Mind without any Judgement. You can find that the Mind starts to create a new pattern of this new learning and store it in the level of Subconscious Mind. By default, the Mind starts to follow as new behavior slowly as it has been understood.

Being a Silent Observer of thoughts, you must be refrained from any kinds of Judgement. This is like the gatekeeper who is only watching the in and out of the people without talking or doing anything. Once the Mind understand that no judgement of thoughts are there, slowly it steps back and starts to reduce thoughts which are creating Mental Anxiety.

Face, Accept & Let it Go:

In reality, whatever is happening or occurring within your Mind and also in your surroundings, you can’t change anything at all.

Yes, of course, once happened or occurred, everything goes to the past. The past be never back. Unfortunately, almost everyone not willing to accept this reality due to the natural tendency of the Mind itself or ignorance of the fact.

Hence, face the situation what is creating your Anxiety. Don’t judge or react or resist over the situation. Accept whatever as it is and Let them go.

If you mindfully observe, you can understand that thoughts are the source of your Anxiety, Not that things or situation or whatever it is. It is gone. Only thoughts are running in the Mind in a series like a chain. You are only moving around here & there within the clouds of thoughts. Nothing else.

All these thoughts are creating your Anxiety and you can’t get escape from the Anxiety which is nothing but the creation of the Mind as a form of thoughts. Have you notices this?

Once you, that means your Mind can understand that the Anxiety is being created by the Mind itself, and you are facing the Anxiety and accepting it and also letting them go without any attachment, the Mind gradually lose interest to create Anxiety. That means, the Mind starts to shift its focus to other areas or side or other activities rather than focusing toward the situation which has drawn attention before to create Anxiety in the Mind in a form of thoughts.

This is like that once you enter the dark room and face the darkness and your fear goes away. Once you face the event, there is no more event. Isn’t it ?

Ultimately, The Mind starts to shift its focus from the point of Anxiety and slowly steps back and starts to reduce thoughts which you previously face as Anxiety.

The Mind, now, gradually used to understand the new pattern of facing the situation, accepting the situation and letting the situation go away without any attachment by the Mind. The, new pattern creates by the Mind and starts to function whatever new lessons learned.

Bring Inner Silence in the Mind:

Being run in the race of survival, almost everyone is getting too much involvement to materialistic things and not paying enough attention over the Mind or almost ignoring that the Mind and not realizing that the Mind also needed rest like the physical body. As the Mind is not being is rest, it is facing overload of processing all kinds of functional activities which are absolutely needed for human survival. This is happening due to lack of self awareness, either by knowing or not knowing, in the survival arena.

If you open too many files in the computer and suddenly shut down the computer without closing all these files, you can find that the computer is taking long time to get shut down.

Why the computer is taking long time to shut down?

This is a very simple answer, all of us know that the computer has to arrange all the files properly and stores data or information also, then to go to shut down.

In the Mind is absolutely designed to act like the computer ad it also needs to time to process and arrange or rearrange all information or data which has been gathered through moment to moment experience. If no rest is given at all, do you think it will not get restless and starts to act wildly?

Yes, you should get your Mind to remain in Silence for some times daily. So, it can remain in rest and keep continue to function properly without any distraction.

I always do have my Mind in Silence for ample rest and to keep the Mind itself be away from Mental Anxiety

What about you? Are you not keeping your Mind in Silence?


The Mind is designed to function in its own natural way. Insisting or resisting over the Mind is nothing but to welcome more & more thoughts by getting the Mind wild and to live in the distraction.

Thus, Mental Anxiety starts to come up. If you understand the functions of the Mind and take care of your Mind naturally, you can let the Mind be used to follow the new pattern of behavior and can be able to reduce your Mental Anxiety.

It is the most important thing to know that trying to be away without facing the Anxiety, the Mind will create more & more Anxiety with fear until you get crazy. Hence, be ahead to face the Anxiety, Accept the Reality and Let it go without any emotional involvement. You will find the Mental Anxiety is gradually reducing naturally.

Of course, you need to be patience to cultivate your Mind to understand the new behavioral pattern and bring it back as new behavior, which is time-consuming.

If Mental Anxiety is severe and unbearable, of course, you must have consultation with a doctor for immediate support.

Know your Mind, Know the Functions of your Mind. Take care of the Mind and in return the Mind is going to take care of your Mental Wellness by reducing Mental Anxiety.

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