How to Reduce your Thoughts Naturally?

This is no doubt that almost every one face tremendous thoughts every day in daily life. No matter you like it or not, the Mind creates thoughts after thoughts continuously. As a result, you are facing tremendous Mental Anxiety, Stress and even might Depression also. This common scenario of nowadays is not surprising at all in the race of survival and getting busy in different ways to spend time!   

By default, the Mind works non-stop. No matter of day or night, no matter whether you are working or sleeping, the Mind keep continues to work its own way. In fact, the Mind is designed to function like this way, and it is a natural phenomenon of human creation.

Average 6,000 to 70,000 thoughts arise in human Mind per day. There are different opinions about the number of thoughts per day from a human Mind due to different types of research methodology. According to Queen’s University, the human mind creates more than 6,000 thoughts per day.  If we, generally, accept this, this is a huge number of thoughts. The most surprising fact is that almost most of the thoughts are useless. They just arise & disappear. Apart from this, the nature of thoughts are momentary. No thoughts last long. Thoughts usually disappear so fast which is unbelievable.

But, the question arise when the Mind generates more & more thoughts continuously which leads to face distractions in life. Such mental distractions like Mental Anxiety, Mental Stress, Depression, etc., which make the life most miserable.

Now you might think over how to escape from such situation? Is it possible to reduce the number of thoughts of the Mind naturally?

Yes, this is possible to reduce amount of thoughts as much as can naturally. Here is some practical method based on my real life experience which might help you as well to reduce thoughts of the Mind naturally.

Before coming to the main part, need you to deeply understand most important points relevant to the subject mentioned topic which has given below.

Mind needs Rest like Physical Body

You might surprise that the Mind also needs rest, who usually works round the clock as designed to do so. Isn’t?

Yes, the Mind also needs rest, like the Physical Body. But, why?

This answer is very simple. Human body is consisting of both Physical Body as well the Mind. Even, scientifically, the Mind is the Brain. Yet, the Brain is not visible from outer side of the physical body, yet, this Brain or Mind (whatever we can say) is the Main is the Driving Force for all kinds of physical activities and the mental activities.

The Mind (Brain) is playing the main role of processing each & every micro level activities like neural signal processing of the whole physical body as well the Mind itself too.  If no rest of the Mind given, obviously, the Mind become tired and get wild as well. As a result, distraction of the Mind occurs, that means mental distraction occurs too.

Space in between two Thoughts is the Rest of the Mind

If you carefully observe, when continuous thoughts appear & disappear in the Mind, almost very short gap in between two thoughts or almost no gap. If too little gap in between two thoughts means too little space in between the two thoughts. Isn’t it?

Space or gap in between two thoughts can give a rest to the Mind. This is a common logic.

If the gap in between two thoughts can make a bit bigger or wider than as usual, the space obviously getting bigger than as usual too. In that case, the Mind is getting more space in between two thoughts, that means, the activities of the Mind is getting slowdown in processing of thoughts. Getting Slowdown of processing thoughts is ultimately creating long duration of rest.

No thoughts last a long time in the Mind

In fact, all thoughts are momentary. No thoughts last a long time. They only appear & disappear itself naturally. As the Mind is the source of thoughts creation and cessation, ultimately, the Mind suffers itself. As a result, all kinds of mental distraction occurs.

Knowing or unknowing, human nature is to get attached to thoughts & react over thoughts when feel thoughts are not in favor or not make good feelings. All kinds of feelings like good or bad, positive or negative, happy or sad, etc., all are nothing but the phenomena created by the Mind also. Even thoughts are momentary, yet, human nature is getting attach to them & react over them also.

Thoughts Process of the Mind must be slow down in Natural Way rather than Resisting Mechanically

All thoughts arise in the Mind and ceases in the Mind too. This is a natural process of thoughts creation in the Mind. The Mind is designed to act like this way by default. In fact, the creation of human body is absolutely a natural creation.

If try to control or resist on natural creation by force or mechanically, for a short while it might work. But, never last for long duration. This is reality. Isn’t it?

Controlling natural creation must be done very naturally without any external force or resist. If you can do such controlling process naturally, the result always unique and more sustainable. Have you ever noticed it?

The Mind must be trained up by the Mind

Always remember that the Mind has to train up by the Mind. No external force or resist over the Mind will be imposed to let the Mind follow its natural momentum of functioning.

The Mind has unlimited potential power by creation. The Mind is designed to open up naturally such potential power too. But, all the potential power of the Mind is underneath the clouds of thoughts. This is like the diamond buried under the coal in the mine. Unless dig out the mine and remove the coal, it is absolutely hard to trace the diamond in the coal.

Similar situation also applicable for the Mind too. All potential powers of the Mind are absolutely get buried under tremendous clouds of thoughts. Once clouds are removed or get removed as much as can, the Mind starts to flourish it unbelievable potential powers naturally.

Once the Mind naturally understand new behavior, it will get used to act what has been trained or understood in the process of learning.

But, how? This is the question comes. Right?

How to Reduce your Thoughts Naturally?

Let’s look at the below Simple steps. Don’t expect any result vary as need your Mind get used to understand and accept the new behavioral pattern.

Be in mind that the Mind never accept anything fast. Need you to get the Mind to accept the new behavior slowly & gradually. Furthermore, naturally.

Be the Observer of your Mind

Be the Observer of your Mind. Observe how thoughts appear & disappear.

Your Mind frequently might wander here & there. Let the Mind wanders as naturally. Gently bring back your attention of the Mind to observe the thoughts. Observe how the Mind is bringing thoughts. How thoughts arise & how thoughts disappear.

If you look mindfully, you can find that thoughts appear in the mind fast & disappear also fast. No thoughts last a long time. Being an Observer, your job is only to observe the mind, that is, to observe creation and cessation of thoughts.

It is no wonder that your Mind frequently shifts its movement from here & there. You can’t keep focus on the arising & disappearing of thoughts. No worry at all. Let the Mind works its own way. When you noticed that you have lost focus point that is arising & disappearing thoughts, only bring back your attention to the observation point of arising & disappearing.

Repeat the process very gently as much as you can when you lost track of observation.

Don’t Control your Thoughts forcefully

Be member that the Mind functions naturally. Hence, every activity to imply over the Mind must be naturally as well. Otherwise, the Mind get wild and distracted with more & more thoughts.

If you try to control the Mind by forcefully by replacing thoughts by thinking, it will create again more thoughts. Be away from controlling any thought. Also, be away from resisting over any thought.

As being the Observer, the only work for you to observe silently. No forceful control or no resistant over the Mind & thoughts.

You might be suddenly aware that you have lost again the focal point of appearing & disappearing of thoughts. No worry at all. Whenever you noticed that your attention has lost from the Mind, be back your focus point of attention very gently again and again when it gets lost.

This is like hide & seek. Getting lost of track & be back gently to the observation of thoughts.

Don’t Analyze or Judge any Thoughts

This is common nature of human being to do analyze and justify each & everything. No matter of any situation, scenario, fact and even thoughts are also not out of that. What not? Whether it is positive or negative, good or bad, happy or sad, like or dislike, so on.

All these activities usually comes from the level of Subconscious Mind which has been stored as Memory based on our experience. The Mind has a natural habit of always to be in comfort zone. Once the Mind finds not in favor or get scary, it starts to find out ways to be in more safe zone by releasing more & more thoughts.

Have you ever noticed it?

Once you start to analyze or judge, your Mind get inspired to find out ways to be in more safe zone and starts to create more thoughts like a chain form. Almost non-stop.

Hence, be refrain from doing analyze or judge any thoughts. Only be witness of thoughts as being an Observer and that to be done also silently.

Don’t Fight or Argue with thoughts

This is very common human nature that we usually use to do self-argument or fight with thoughts when the thoughts are not in favor or not feel good at all. Don’t fight or argue with thoughts. Remember that you are nothing but a Silent Observer of your Mind. Isn’t it?

If you fight or argue with thoughts, these thought get more powerful in force. The Mind, then, get inspired and starts to create more & more thoughts. Absolutely, be away from arguing or fighting with any thought.

Always remember that the Mind is designed to create thoughts. By default, the Mind will always keep continue its functions of creation of thoughts & elevation of thoughts also. Disrupting over natural activities of the Mind, will create distraction over the Mind and the Mind will lose its momentum. In case the Mind lost its momentum, the Mind might go wild and continuously starts to release more & more thoughts. This is like a series of thoughts one after one.

Let the Mind do functions its own way without any disruption. Being the Observer, you only observe the Mind silently.

Always remember, everything must be in place naturally without any force or resistant.  

Don’t get Attached to Thoughts

Being the Observer, you are nothing but to perform observation of thoughts and that must be done silently. Right?

Hence, don’t get attached to any thought. The only work is to observe. Let the Mind operates by it natural way. Let thoughts appear & disappear. Observe the wave of thoughts. You can find that thoughts come and go one after one. They are not lasting at all. Only momentary activities of thoughts that are arising & go away.

Don’t be surprise at all that you might lose track of your focus to the Mind to observe. Once you noticed or become aware, bring back your attention to the focal point very gently. Avoid any force. Observe the Mind by the Mind how thoughts appear & how thoughts disappear. This is the silent job of being the observer.

Let Thoughts Arise & Let Thoughts Disappear Naturally

Being naturally designed the Mind to create & seize the thoughts by itself, forcefully can’t change its natural habit. Forcing or resisting or disrupting over the Mind is nothing but the Mind to get wild.

If any barrier placed in front of the forest steam, you can find that the water flows in different direction. The same situation applies as well for the Mind too. Once the Mind get disrupted, it can start to change its direction in different ways like generating more & more thoughts, creating mental anxiety, stress, etc. Hence, always be careful to avoid any kinds of disruption over natural activities of the Mind.

No matter whether positive thoughts or negative thoughts arise in the Mind, let them come & let them go away as usual. You are only the Witness of thoughts,

Being an Observer, you are away from any kinds of analyzing, arguing, fighting, getting attached to any thoughts. Let thoughts appear & let thoughts disappear. Only let come & let go. You are nothing but a silent observer of thoughts.

Accept All Thoughts and Face the Reality

The most common nature of the mind that it is never like to face Reality. As being a human, no one is out of such nature. If not wrong, both me & you are also not out of this nature. Do you agree?

Remember, you are the Observer only. Being an observer, you have to face the reality & also to accept the reality too. You must be away from analyzing, judging, resisting, arguing, figuring out, fighting out like what, why, why not, etc. Only observe silently. Observe the thoughts, Let them come, let them go, face whatever it is, accept whatever it is too. That’s all.

Once you accept arising & disappearing of thoughts, the Mind get used to understand that no interest at all over any thoughts. Thus, the Mind usually starts to slow down of thoughts process.

Follow the Mind wherever it Goes & Back to the Observation Point of Thoughts Arising & Disappearing

No matter whether you try or not try to control, the Mind always wanders. This is the common nature of the Mind. You can’t do anything except observing the Mind. This is a very simple logic applies for the Mind

Hence, wandering activities through thoughts, the Mind moves here & there. Being an observer, only follow the Mind wherever it moves or goes. Once you become aware that you have lost the tracking to follow the arising & disappearing activities of the Mind, very gently, bring back your focus of attention in the Mind itself.

Don’t be surprise at all that unlimited times of getting lost of tract is very common. Once you noticed, only bring back your focus to creation & cessation of thoughts, that is to observe the Mind itself by the Mind. That means, your focal observation point is the Mind itself and that could be performed by the Mind itself too.

When to do Observation Activities

If not wrong, this question might come out from your Mind while reading this Article.

When to observe the Mind. Any fixed time? Any schedule? What to do while in work or while in rest? There might be so many questions like that. Right?

You can find your answers below.

In fact, there is no schedule time at all to observe the Mind.

What it means?

It is for all time to observe the Mind by the Mind itself.

Whoever you start to do follow this, your Mind naturally be getting used to understand that it is being observed. Who is observing? The Mind is observing.

That means, Observe the Mind by the Mind.

In initial stage of doing observation of thoughts, you might get lost of thoughts observation almost unlimited of times. No worry at all. Take it easy as a learning process of your Mind. Keeping continue to observe the Mind by the Mind itself, the Mind will be able to understand that observation. Slowly but gradually it will get used to ths observation and accept it as a new behavior.

Once the Mind starts to understand observation, the process will be stored in the level of Subconscious level of the Mind. Then, automatically, the Mind will starts to observe thoughts by itself and gradually slow down the process of thoughts creation.

Once slow down the thoughts means reduce of thoughts. Once thoughts get reduced, the gap between one thought to the thoughts is much wide than before getting used to new behavior. This gap no become much wide. That means, the Mind naturally getting rest in this gap of two thoughts.

Having wide gap in between two thoughts, the Mind is having an ample time of rest. Being in rest, the Mind is quite stable now. The wider gap means more rest or relax in the Mind. More relax or rest means, no distractions of thoughts.

By following above way, you can easily be able to reduce thoughts of your Mind naturally. I am following this over two decades and found this is very most effect way to reduce thoughts naturally.

Of course, don’t expect anything so fast. All learning usually takes time and get used to as well. As this the Mind is a natural creation and functions naturally be default, you have to be in patience and be in awareness of moment to moment so that the Mind can get used to understand the new pattern of learning & getting the same to follow.

Take care your Mind by the Mind itself and in return the Mind will take care your Mental Wellbeing too!


The Mind has tremendous & luminous power. But, all these luminous power are hidden or covered by the clouds of thoughts. Slowly but gradually, as well naturally, all these luminous power to be uncovered for your wellbeing of Mental health.

Hence, reducing of thoughts of the Mind naturally is the most effective way to remove clouds of thoughts rather than resisting or forcing to reduce.

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