How your Mind creates Anxiety that you should know

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This is very common scenario that a huge number of people are facing severe Anxiety every day in the fast moving life. Unfortunately, this is not surprise at all that in many of us absolutely not aware at all how the Mind creates Anxiety, even everything creates in the Mind. Our feelings, emotions, perception, etc., all nothing but the creations of the Mind.

If you are aware how the Mind creates Anxiety, at least you can try to get aware to avoid as much as can those things to avoid Anxiety in the best possible manner before getting stuck into it. Look at below to understand more based on my real life experience.

Mind is the Prime Source – Not the Situation or Object for Anxiety

You might surprise to know that the Mind is the Prime Source of Anxiety, Not the Situation or Object or Facts, etc. Right?

Yes, indeed, this is right. Let’s look at how the Mind is the Prime source of Anxiety?

Whatever you see, hear, smell, taste and touch, all these goes to the Mind (Brain) through sensory organs. The Mind (Brain) process all information, data, etc., what it has been received thought sensory organs and creates an impression in the Mind. Based on such impression created by the Mind, the things appears in the Mind itself.

As all the information, data, etc., has been stored in the Subconscious level of the Mind as Memory, the Mind starts to act or react over these. The reflection arise or appear in the Mind as thoughts based on immediate action or reaction of the Mind, based on experience of previous activities.

Apart from this, even the same situation occurs over the Mental Phenomena by creating imaginary situation based on experience which was stored as memories. Such situation might be on the present situation or the past or the future.

That means, two ways it occurs. Activities through sensory organs and also through Mental Phenomena. No matter through sensory organs or through mental phenomena, both are process in the Mind. Whatever the impression creates & appears in the Mind, the Mind itself act or react over it. Thus, the prime source of Anxiety lies in the Mind itself.

If you look at this example, you can get much clearer understanding. Once you listened a particular music and felt so happy. After some days, you again listened the same music. But, the second time, the same song might not make you so happy like the first time. You are the same person who had listened to the music both the times. The music was also the same. Why your feelings were not the same?

The answer is quite simple. It was absolutely depended on the Mind how it had created impression in the Mind by itself.

One particular thing might be good or bad, positive or negative, like or dislike, etc., are absolutely depended on the impression creates by the Mind. The same thing might be good once and the other time might be bad or not good at all are absolutely how the Mind brings it as impression to feel. In fact, all these activities are being performed in the Mind, not at outside the Mind.

In simple, The way things appear, As the way Mind creates Impression in the Mind.

In reality, almost everyone ignores this reality and starts to blame either the situation or the object or the external things or facts, etc.

Do you know why?

This is also the same. The Mind does the same by itself due to self centric tendency. The fact is that the Mind always throw the ball to outer side in case it goes against it. This is the natural tendency of the Mind.

Have you ever noticed the same thing to yourself?

Too Much Emotional Attachment to Thoughts:

If you get attached to thoughts too much emotionally, the thoughts get more strength and the Mind inspired to create more thoughts. As emotional attachment is there, you get more & more attachment to most of the thoughts. The more you get attached, the Mind creates more & more thoughts.

Thus, you start to move around here & there within the clouds of thoughts and not find out the way out. In fact, you, that means your Mind gets wild and starts getting panic by itself. As the Mind become wild and not getting any rest at all, Anxiety starts to flash out as thoughts one after one.

Knowing or unknowing, the emotional state of the Mind get starts to face tremendous Anxiety while it moves around here & there in the cloud of thoughts.

Attitude to Analysis Thoughts:

The common nature of the Mind is to remain always in comfort zone. As a result, most of the time, the Mind try to analyze the thoughts. It is like – good or bad, like or dislike, positive or negative, so on. Once starts analyzing the thoughts, the Mind starts to create more & more thoughts in regards the earlier thoughts. This is like non-stop of thoughts.

As the Mind always intend to remain in the comfort zone, when it finds any situation is not in favor of it or possibility to break the comfort zone, the Mind become scary and starts worrying. Once starts to worry, it creates more thoughts which also carets more worry. This is like worry creates more & more worry. Non-stop of worries. Such continuous worries push the Mind to be in the trap of Anxiety.

In fact, all these activities like analyzing of thoughts or impression which created as thoughts, getting scary and also getting worry, etc., are created by the Mind itself. Once getting worry, the Mind gets wild and starts moving in the clouds of thoughts. Anxiety starts in the Mind. This Anxiety is also nothing but the creation of the Mind as flashes of thoughts.

Self Arguing, Fighting & Resisting over Thoughts:

By default, the Mind is created to do self argument, fighting or going against or resisting over thoughts. In fact, the Mind confront against itself to keep secure its comfort zone. Once your Mind starts to do self arguing or fighting or resisting over thoughts, a situation of confront arise in the Mind. Go back & forth again and again, the Mind become restless.

Once the Mind become restless, the Mind again starts to get wild and creates more & more thoughts and create panic situation. Such panic situation, even created by the Mind, the Mind itself is fearful to face. As a result, Anxiety starts in the Mind.

Self-Centric Attitude of the Mind:

By nature, human Mind is Self-Centric. It always brings everything toward itself like situation, facts, etc., Then, the Mind, starts to identify everything based on experiences which had been stored in the Subconscious level as Memory. If the Mind finds anything against it based on experience, it starts to react over it. Once the Mind starts to react over it, naturally, it starts to express everything though thoughts after thoughts. This is like – why this is not in favor of mine, why this happened, what is the reason, so on.

Once more & more thoughts starts, the Mind naturally get restless. Then, panic starts in the Mind. Once the Mind gets in the trap of panic, obviously, Anxiety starts to run in the Mind.

Have you experienced this situation in yourself?

The Mind is Always Fearful to Face Reality:

In fact, the Mind always tries to keep itself within the comfort zone by any means. This is a natural tendency to keep itself (i.e. you) always in a safe zone for safety of survival. From the moment of the birth, whatever situation encountered by the Mind, all information, data, etc., stored in the Subconscious level of the Mind as Memory.

Based on situation, the Mind has created different types of Mental Patterns. Whatever situation or fact or scenario, activities, etc., you do physically or mentally, the Mind starts to act based on these patterns what it has already been created and stored in the Subconscious level. All these expressed as behavioral activities based on the self created patterns of the Mind.

In fact, if any situation, the Mind finds that it is going against to break the comfort zone or going against or facing fearful, the Mind try to resist over it. The Mind naturally is always fearful to accept reality. As a result, the Mind starts to create more & more thoughts to resist over and try to secure to keep itself within the comfort zone or in safe zone, the Mind get restless. The Mind starts to get worry itself and such worry keep continue to carry on over & over. Thus, Anxiety starts in the Mind.

Lack of Awareness of the Mind:

It is not surprise at all that the average human Mind has very less awareness. Due to lack of awareness, the Mind can’t go into the deep level to see or find the situation or scenario or fact, etc. It just moves over the surface. This is like see the water from the top of the river and make decision that there are no stones in the river.

In most cases, the average level of the Mind starts to act or react based on situation or scenario or fact, etc. from the surface level instead of going to the depth of them. As a result, when the reality open up and everything goes in different directions, the Mind gets scare and start to react over it seriously. As a result, continuous thoughts starts to generate from the Mind like a chain form. Situation starts to cartage Anxiety in the Mind.

The Mind is Not Living At the Present Moment:

This is the most interesting fact that human Mind never live in the Present Moment. Not only you, me and all others. Everyone is the same. This is a very natural habit of the Mind. Are you living in the Present Moment?

The Mind always brings the past in front of, pulling them from memories which has already been stored in the level of Subconscious Mind based on encountered situation earlier and also creates imaginary situation by itself for the future. It might be good or bad, the Mind never bothers at all. It starts to function its own way, even the past will never back & the future is absolutely yet to come. The Mind never cares at all.

Moving in the past & also in the future, the Mind starts to distract over the present moment. In fact, the movement of the Mind to the past & also in the future only to secure the comfort zone. Such movements to the past and also in the future and creating thoughts over thoughts at the present moment, the Mind get itself starts to face self distraction. Situation starts to create worry in the Mind and such worry again create more & more worry. This is like go on and go on the same worry. Thus, situation leads t the Mind to creates Anxiety.


If you very carefully observe your Mind, you can find that all above activities of the Mind in yourself. Most of the human Mind behave like this way due to the inherent quality of the Mind.

In fact, due to lack of awareness of the Mind, the Mind itself lies in the darkness of Ignorance. As a result, the Mind creates Anxiety by itself and starts to run over in panic and the same Mind starts to face Mental distraction also.

If you are aware and always remain in Preset Moment and Accept the Reality, obviously, you can reduce your Anxiety as much as possible or completely be away from Anxiety.

What is your real life experience?

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