Qualities of the Monkey (Average) Mind vs. the Meditative Mind

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You will be wonder to know that there are huge difference between the Quality of the Monkey (Average) Mind & the Meditative Mind. Most Key factors has been taken in consideration to describe here in brief.

Question comes – What is the Monkey Mind & What is the Meditative Mind meant?

In brief as follows.

What is meant by the Monkey Mind?:

The Average human Mind, which is not cultivated or not trained at all. Wildness of the Mind which acts like the restless Monkey, usually known as the Monkey Mind.

What is meant by the Meditative Mind?:

The Mind which has been cultivated or trained by Meditation, usually known as the Meditative Mind. No Wildness can observe in the Mind. Rather, the Meditative Mind remains in Silence & Calmness. 

Please look at below the Quality difference of the Monkey Mind & the Meditative Mind.

Restless Vs. Centered:

The Monkey Mind i.e. Average Mind is always Restless. Move from here to there. Doing this thing to that thing in a scattered way. Always get busy and not remain in Centered. Watching TV Show and then, start to chat or checking Social Media. Jump one job to another. Not think over at all the completion of existing work or job, whether it has been completely done or not. Then move in mid or in half of the way from engaged work.

Tremendously, jumps from one point to another point. All caused by continuous generation of thoughts. Just picked up one thought and start to jump on the other thoughts. Such restlessness is very frequently observed in the Monkey (Average) Mind.

On the other hand, the Meditative Mind is much centered. It remains still and focused to present moment and always remain engaged in momentary movement, once the job or work or the issue has been settled, then, it moves slowly to another. No hurry or jumping attitude is absolutely not observed in the Meditative Mind.

The Meditative Mind knows very well which one to do first & which one to follow next. Due to Clarity of the Mind, the Meditative Mind acts in toward the  right direction based on clarity & priority. Never move blindly or act on blindly.

Clouds of Thoughts vs. Clarity:

The Monkey Mind is always distracted by thoughts. Continuous thoughts appear from the Mind and disappear in the mind very fast also. Relevant or irrelevant thoughts, the Mind never bothers at all. Only run behind to generate thoughts one after one and keep continue as a series.

Frequent & continuation thoughts creates a cloud in the Mind. Clarity of observation or seeing doesn’t appear properly. As a result, the Monkey Mind faces difficulties to understand the true or ex-act nature of the things or object or situation. Such clouds of thoughts creates a puzzle situation in the mind. Thus, human being face to identify which thoughts is most relevant and need to pick or to drop. As a result, it might lead to wrong direction which is either knowing or un-knowing. In fact, such cloudy situation is created by the Monkey Mind itself.

On the other hand, the Meditative Mind is very clear & calm due to less thoughts. As less thoughts are in the Mind, a Big Space of time involvement found in between the two thoughts. The Mind has a clear & clarity of thoughts. Awareness remain clearly.

Due to clarity, human being can find which thought is relevant or which one is irrelevant. Based on clear understanding by clarity of the Mind, the Meditative Mind become more aware to act on thoughts very properly.

Attachment with Emotions vs. Free from Emotional Attachment:

Monkey Mind is always attached with emotions. When emotions is attached, Mind mostly directed by emotions. No matter of right or wrong, emotions forced the Mind to get attached to it. Once any thought attached with emotions, the Monkey Mind starts to come up with more & more thoughts.

Surprisingly, most of the thoughts are almost useless or irrelevant. Due emotions attached to the Mind, the Mind starts to pick up one or more thoughts again & again. Such emotional attachment to thoughts, just fuel up the Mind to create more & more thoughts continuously. Mind become more & more distracted. Human beings starts to face more & more distraction and move around in the circle of distracted thoughts. Very hard to way out from the circle of thoughts.

In contrast, the Meditative Mind always keep a distance from emotions. No attachment with emotions. When no emotional attachment is there, the Mind has very less chance or no chance at all to generate more & more thoughts. Instead the Mind works in the reverse way that is to starts reduce more & more thoughts.

Clarity remains in the Meditative Mind. This situation helps the human beings to find out the true nature of the object, scenario, matter or situation very clear. Thus, the Mind knows well which thoughts are really needed to act on it or drop. When fewer thoughts or no thoughts are there, no distractions or almost no distractions face in the mind. This is the amazing fact of the Meditative Mind.

Ego Centric vs. Free from Ego:

Ego is the most terrible issue in human life. The Monkey Mind is too much egoistic. On the other hand, the Meditative Mind is absolutely Ego free and always aware while Ego arise in the mind. The Meditative Mind can well observe the Ego by itself and observe that after a moment the ego disappear. In fact, the Meditative Mind is absolutely aware about moment to moment activities of the Mind. Even Ego arise, it can’t stay longer. While observe the Mind and face Ego, Ego has no option rather to get weaken and disappear from the Mind itself fast.

On the other hand, the Monkey Mind is too sensitive. It is too much attached to Ego due to high emotions. The Monkey Mind is fearful to face the Ego rather it put itself in the trap of Ego. Then, starts to face severe consequences of distraction.

As an example, someone has an argument with his or her friend for a tiny issue. Both the persons are facing too bad feelings after sometimes. Yet, both of them are trying to compromise and close the issue to get back relationship like before. Yet, their egoistic mind is not permitting them to say ‘Sorry’ to each other. 

They are both willing to step in to get back to normal situation or activities of friendship. But, their ego is pushing them to step back. Why should I say sorry first. Let the other person to come up to say sorry. This kind of attitude can observe can find among both of them. Even a very tiny issue, their ego, push them to step back continuously. This is fact and very often it happens for the Monkey Mind.

Greed vs. Wellbeing for all Beings:

Greed always pushes the Monkey Mind to grasp whatever it likes. Keep, continue to grasp. More & more desires starts to appear in the Monkey Mind. Mind becomes greedy, more & more. Once get anything, the Monkey Mind pushes for others things to grasp. Once got the other things, the Monkey Mind keep continue to pushes to grab more & more things. No satisfaction even after having something. This is a very common nature of the Monkey Mind.

The other hand, Meditative Mind always remains calm. Not attachment to any desires. Just observe that  how the greed appear in the Mind and how it disappears in the Mind as well. Not attachment at all. Simply remain as usual without any attachment to greed. This tendency of not getting attached to greed keeps the Meditative Mind very calm

In reality, the Monkey mind always faces continuous distraction due to too much greed. On the other hand, the Meditative Mind always remains distraction free that is remained in calm & blissful.

Hatred vs. Loving Kindness:

Hate can come up when the Monkey Mind get wild. Even sometimes hate remains dormant, but, anytime hate might come up from the Mind as it was just suppressed. Not completely vanished or destroyed from the Mind.

When hate appears in the Mind, the Mind get absolutely wild. Not able to understand the impact or consequences.

Very wild nature observed due to hatred in the Monkey Mind. Whereas, the Meditative Mind does always remain in calm, cool with loving kindness to all living beings. Very seldom, hate might appear. But, the mind has the power to observe itself about the appearance of hatred as well disappearance.

Materialistic vs. Non-Materialistic:

The Monkey Mind always get busy with materialistic things.  Need this thing, need that things, so on. On the other hand, the Meditative Mind, only deserve the things which are really needed. Not more or not less. Only get it what it really needs.

In all times, the Meditative Mind always looks inside the Mind itself to observe what is appearing & what is disappearing. How is appearing & how is disappearing. In fact, inward tendency of the Meditative Mind helps the human beings to find out or dig out the true wisdom of self.

Of course, apart from inward or inside the Mind observation by itself, the Meditative Mind always aware all around outside in moment to moment occurrence by close observation. But, not much attach to anything. Only remain as usual & observe without any judgment or any logic or arguing. Only aware both inside & outside all around.

But, the Monkey Mind all the times get too much busy in materialistic world. Outside movements is very often found in the Monkey Mind.

Chattering vs. Silence:

Most surprising fact is that the Monkey Mind never remains in Silence. It always jumps from one thought to another thought and Runs behind one object to another object. Continuous & frequent movement of thoughts is very common for the Monkey Mind. As a result, the Monkey Mind creates a tremendous distraction in the mind. Such distraction leads a restless race of thoughts and force to lead more & more mental distractions in the Monkey Mind itself.

On the other hand, the Meditative Mind always remains in silence. Almost no thoughts or fewer thoughts appear from the Mind as well disappear in the Mind too. Gap between one thought to another thought creates a big gap, which is absolutely a helpful state for the Meditative Mind to remain in calm. In fact, Silence that is Inner Silence is the most vital force for the Mind to have always in rest. No distraction or too little distractions which is quite not noticeable for the Meditative Mind.

Scattered vs. Focused:

The Monkey Mind is always scattered. Mind jumps from one thought to another. One place to another place. Only moves very scattered way.

As an example – Someone is driving the car. All on a sudden a thought arise in the Mind like need to check social media. Immediate after this thought, another thought arise like why not have a cup of coffee. Again, another thought arise like need to call someone else. In fact, the person was in a situation to drive the car in busy road. Distraction has started due to scattered activities of the Monkey Mind. Get confused which one should do/

As for the Meditative Mind, there is almost no thoughts or too little thoughts appear in the mind. Thus, it helps the persons to carry out the existing or present activities without any distraction. The Mind remains in the state of Silence. As a result, the Meditative Mind remains in Silence and fully focused on centered.

Controlling vs. Acceptance:

The Monkey Mind has always show tendency of controlling thoughts like mechanically. When try to control anything or thoughts, the Monkey Mind get more & more wild. For the time being, thoughts might be controlled. But, again such thoughts appears after sometimes later on. In fact, such controlled thoughts only suppressed and remain as dormant. But, such thoughts never disappeared. Again things come back after sometimes such thoughts might come back with full force. Controlling situation doesn’t get things completely out of the scenario.

On the other hand, the Meditative Mind always accept the things or situation as it is without any control or not pushing out.  The Meditative Mind observes the situation as it is like what appears in front or what happened as a mental phenomenon. Then, face them as usual without any modification. Thus, no confront or no distraction.

Fearful vs. Dare to Face Reality:

The Monkey mind is always fearful to face reality. Fear of failures, fear of losses, etc., all these are a very common characteristics of the Monkey Mind.  It never likes to cross the border zone of comfort. The Monkey Mind always prefer that comfort zone must always be surrounded it. Not willing to take any risk or to face any challenge. Tendency is always like – don’t put in the competition. Be in a safe zone. Be in comfort zone. These kind of tendency always found in the Monkey Mind.

If we observe the Meditative Mind, it is noticeable that the Meditative Mind has no such tendency to avoid or by pass the situation. It is always ready to face the reality & face the consequences.  Fear of losses or fear of failures are absolutely away from the Meditative Mind.

Doing vs. Becoming:

The Monkey Mind is always Analytical. It always try to analyze and figure out the cause of situation, scenario, fact, etc. and then step in for action to fix it especially in mental phenomena.  When try to fix something about mental phenomena by doing forceful activities, mostly it never sustain for a longer period f time. Even for short while it looks like that it has been fixed. In fact, this is nothing but suppression. Things get in dormant and wait for time to come back again. After sometimes, such mental phenomena again appears in the Monkey Mind and start to create distraction.

On the other hand, the Meditative Mind is always be in becoming mood. Tendency of letting the mental phenomena to appear & disappear. As usual. The Meditative Mind remains as usual with non-judgmental state. While no argument or no judgment or no fighting with any mental phenomena or thoughts, thoughts become more & more weaken. The Monkey Mind has no other option, rather to step back & drop all thoughts or reduce though as much as can.

Past, Present & Future vs. Present Moment:

Most surprise fact of the Monkey Mind is that it never stays in Present at a time. It moves to Past, Future & Present very frequently.  One thought arise in the Mind in concern to present situation, all on a sudden another thoughts appears related to past situation. Immediate after that, another thought may appear predicating future. Even the person is trying to pay attention to present moments activities, but, not able to keep the mind in present moments.

Frequently the Monkey Mind moves to past memories & future predictions apart from present moment. All these happens as concern to attachment to the self & attachment to situation, phenomena, etc. The Monkey Mind creates a terrible distractions which might make the person very restless & worry.

As for the Meditative Mind, most of the time the Mind remains in the Present Moment. Of course, the Mind goes to past & future as well, which are too less. Since the person is not much attached to anything, the Meditative Mind remains in calm situation at the present moment, either all times or most of the time.

Wildness vs. Calmness:

The Monkey Mind is always restless & live in worry. Getting involved in too much self-centric with emotional attachments to all thoughts, it is no wonder at all that the Monkey Mind might go wild when things or situation not find in favor of it. The Monkey Mind again starts to jump from one thought to another thought. It gets very restless again, very worried. Not centered at all. Only move here & there without any specific reason or cause.

In contrast, Calmness is observed in the Meditative Mind. The Mind remains it activities with slow movement or no movement at all. No Thoughts or very fewer thoughts appear & disappear. Mind can get ample time in between two thoughts. More space creates in the Mind. Fewer thoughts help to keep more space in the Mind. As a result, very less distraction of thoughts or almost no thoughts. That’s that beauty of the Meditative Mind.

Judgment Attitude vs. Non-Judgment Attitude:

The Monkey Mind always try to judge situation, phenomena, fact, etc. all times. Why this happened, why to me only, what is the reasons, etc. always raised by the Monkey Mind when any thought or phenomena or situation arise in front? It is so afraid to face or accept rather than arguing or fighting of confronting tendency to show up.

When any of the thought picked up or the Mind get attached, the Monkey Mind starts to generate more & more thoughts. Again follow the same way of attachment to any other thoughts, the mind keep continue to generate more & more thoughts like non-stop. The Monkey Mind faces a situation of restlessness. Get more fearful & try hard to stay step back in safe zone. Then, keep continue to fight back or judge or argue with thoughts blindly. Doing like this attitude, the Monkey Mind always get crazy which is similar as the wild Monkey who fights with other Monkeys.

On the other hand, the Meditative Mind is always stand by to face the reality of situation or phenomena or activities of thoughts without any judgment or argument or confront attitude. Facing or accepting is nothing but facing consequences of reality.

Once, the Meditative Mind face or accept the reality of situation, all thoughts starts to get much weaker than before. Hence, no alternate option, the Meditative Mind has to step back and reduce thoughts or stop generating thoughts. The Meditative Mind knows well itself how to face the situation and how to accept the reality.

Rejection Attitude vs. Acceptance Attitude:

Anything not in favor, the Monkey Mind always starts to fight back or resist with rejection or to get altered. More & more rejections of any thoughts or confronting with argument or judgment, the Monkey Mind become more powerful to act on rejected thoughts & starts to generate more thoughts no matter of situation.

The Monkey Mind starts to fight back against itself no matter of what consequences are going to face or not. Rejection tendency observes in the Monkey Mind as it is very fearful of failures or uncomfortable to accept situation. Always try hard to have in safe & comfort zone. That is the aggressive attitude of the Monkey Mind.

But, the Meditative Mind, it always remains as usual in the state of silence & calm. Just face any kinds of situation or phenomena and let it be as usual. The Meditative Mind always remain standby as usual to face & accept no matter of situation & phenomena whether in favor or not. Always remains Positive.

In Conclusion, it is no wonder that the Monkey Mind always creates distraction whereas the Meditative is always be in Silence & Calmness.

What you think about your Mind? Should we all not try to be free from distraction by cultivating the Mind?.

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