Surprising Facts of Subconscious Level of The Mind which almost no one is aware at all

Have you ever noticed that your Subconscious Mind is playing a significant role to perform each & every activities very automatically just like auto pilot of a plane? This is like a default set up and everything functions automatically. 

This is a big surprise which almost everybody is not much aware at all.

Some of the most mysterious facts of Subconscious level of the Mind has discussed below that can surprise you!

Subconscious Level of the Mind Works Round the Clock

Subconscious level of the Mind works round the clock. It never takes rest. No matter of day or night, working time or sleeping time, Subconscious level of the Mind always active to perform its tasks, without any exception. Surprisingly, most of us are absolutely not aware of it. This is fact.

In fact, all the physical or mental activities which are being performed by human beings, by default, Subconscious level of the Mind takes place in actions like autopilot. When you feel thirsty, your hands are going to take the water glass and moving the glass to the mouth to pour water. In fact, all these activities performs by the Subconscious level of the Mind. Hands are moving, mouths is opening, pouring water inside the mouth, etc., all are happening like automatically. Have you noticed it?

All these functions are being turned out in actions by Subconscious level of the Mind.

Subconscious Level of the Mind Stores All Activities

Whatever happens or events occurs within you, in & around of you, all are being noticed by the Mind are going to notice & stored by the level of Subconscious Mind. Nothing missed out. The subconscious level of the Mind acts like a Storage Bank. Consciously, no one is aware that by default, everything is being stored by Subconscious level.

In fact, information or data or pattern or occurrence or happenings, scenario, or whatever it is, which was experienced or encountered by the physical body & Mind, all are going to store in Subconscious level. Nothing skipped or dropped. Even, nothing get destroyed from the Memory. They all just remain as dormant. If the Mind wants to recall or bring them back at any time from Subconscious level, they all come out.

Memories of childhood, playing games alone while was a kid, argument with childhood friend, what not, suddenly flashes in the Mind from nowhere else. Isn’t it?

How all these come back all on a sudden, which you have forgotten many years back. Yes, all there remain as Memories in the level of Subconscious Mind.

Habit Pattern Creates by the Level of Subconscious Mind

Subconscious level of the Mind is responsible to create habits pattern while any activity perform repeatedly. This activities might be a day or a repetition of days as a regular activities. A Map of patterns for habit usually creates in the Subconscious level. Then, Subconscious level of the Mind starts to bring it up in actions while anything matches with the pattern habits.

Washing hands & faces while back to home from outside. While this continues a few days, the Subconscious level of the Mind creates a pattern. Once you’re back to home from outside, it reminds you to wash hands & face first. Even you are in hurry, still Subconscious level of the Mind reminds you to perform it.

Subconscious Level of the Mind does Label Everything

Whatever noticed by the Mind, a Label unusually creates by the subconscious level of the Mind like good or bad, positive or negative, etc., and keep stored. If similar happening noticed in future, then, Subconscious level acts or reacts based on previous happenings or occurrence.

Once you had a soft drink and not felt good taste, it was stored in Subconscious level. After few days if  take the same drink again, the Subconscious Mind immediately express reaction like that it was not so good earlier. In fact, whatever Subconscious level of the Mind felt, it will apply in future as well in case of similar case in the future.

Subconscious Level of the Mind always remains in the Present Moment

Subconscious Mind level always remains in the present moment. It never goes to past or future. Whatever happens, all are in present moment as it only focus at the present moment.

Our momentary physical & mental activities at the present moment are from Subconscious level of the Mind.

In fact, the Subconscious level of the Mind has no sense of time for future or past, except the moment of present. This is fact.

Subconscious Mind Level always prefer to Live in the Comfort Zone

The most surprising fact of the Subconscious level of the Mind is that it always remains in Comfort Zone. If anything noticed by as fearful or risky or unpleasant or negative, or doubt, etc., the level of Subconscious Mind always react & reject. In fact, Subconscious level always prefer to remains in comfort zone. Never like to face any distractions or trouble.

If you want to start a new project, the Subconscious level of the Mind starts to react or reject expressing through thoughts. Oh, this project is risky. This project will not be successful. This project will bring more troubles, etc. Such kind of reactions or rejections attitude always come up from the level of Subconscious Mind as thoughts.

The reasons is, this kind of works is a new pattern for the Subconscious level. Old patterns recognize fast based on previous stored information or data. As for new pattern, it always surprises the Subconscious level of the Mind, thus, it always does reaction or reject.

Subconscious Level of the Mind has Powerful Prediction

Another most interesting fact of Subconscious level of the Mind is that it has a powerful prediction capabilities based on previous experience encountered. Almost everyone has such kind of prediction experience by Subconscious level of the Mind.

If someone had face attack by a dog earlier, but, not remembered at all at the moment as it was forgotten. When he or she saw a dog after few years in front of him or her and the dog starts to moves, immediately. Subconscious Mind level starts by alerting the person as ‘Danger’, ‘Danger’, ‘Danger’. ‘Danger’. Knowing whether the dog will attack or not, immediately the person starts to run away from the place.

As there was an experience earlier, Subconscious Mind has stored such experience, it immediately reminds & push to act that is to run away from the dog is nothing but reputation of same pattern which had before. The scenario of such pattern had immediately been noticed by the Subconscious level of the Mind.

But, Subconscious level of the Mind never forgot earlier experience which was stored in it. He pushes to run you & to be in safe distance.

Subconscious Mind Creates Behavioral Pattern

Behavior of human beings are absolutely controlled by the Mind in Subconscious level. Our daily activities, behavior, movement, attitude, etc., all are nothing but a pattern set out day-to-day activities of previous times. All these were stored in the Subconscious level.

By default, our behavioral activities, usually, express based on our previous patterns. This is very common phenomena.

Subconscious Level of Mind Creates Dreams

All Dreams occurs in Subconscious level. During sleeping time, the Mind goes to Subconscious level. Consciously, we are not aware during sleeping time. Even the Mind is in rest, but, Subconscious level is fully active. Based on previous experience of the Mind which was stored in Subconscious level, Dreams come up in the Mind.

In fact, all the scenario of the Dreams is a creations of the Subconscious level by its own way.

As a result, almost every time, we forget what happened in dream once we come back in awaken level that is I Conscious level. During sleeping time, Mind is not in awareness level that is not in Conscious level. We, almost, forget about the Dream.

Subconscious Level of the Mind follow the Instructions of Conscious level of the Mind

The most surprising fact is that, the Subconscious Mind follow the instructions of conscious level without any question. Whatever instructions comes from Conscious level, it goes to Subconscious level to perform as instructed. Subconscious Mind exactly acts as instructed by Conscious level. Simply follow instructions.

Question might raise, sometimes think not same as instructed. In fact, such thoughts appears from the logical concern of Conscious Mind though Subconscious level followed instructions of Conscious level properly. Our logical & rational judgment always comes from Conscious level.

Subconscious Level Creates a Balance State in Physical System

Human body contains unlimited number of Cells which are performing continuous works each & every moment. No rest at all to keep the physical body alive, i.e. in movement. There is a harmonious level in the physical body all times which creates by level of Subconscious Mind.

All such activities are running by default in a balance state and all these are being done by Subconscious level of the Mind.

Breathing System, Body temperature, Blood Circulation, etc., are going on a rhythmic system. All functions in the physical body maintains a natural state of circle or rhythm. Of course, there might have unusually occurrence sometimes arise, then, immediately it gets noticed to the Conscious level.

All kinds of micro level & macro level physical activities are going on continuously to keep the physical body in proper functions, Subconscious level is fully each & every moment for such activities. This is like autopilot activities without any break.

Subconscious level of the Mind perform Multi-task at a time:

Most surprising fact is that Subconscious level perform huge multitasks at a time. All the physical organs both in micro & macro level functions are continuously running by Subconscious level of the Mind. If you walk on the road, your legs, hand, eyes, ears & rest of the body are working at a time.

This is unique features of Subconscious level of the Mind. In most cases, almost everyone is unaware of such multi-function activities are being performed by Subconscious level of the Mind.

Repetition of Activities can Change Behavioral Pattern:

Most interesting fact is the Pattern of behavior can able to change by repeating activities. If someone wants to change his or her existing behavior, he or she can re-program it in Subconscious level. As an example, in Conscious level you think that you should do exercise an hour daily rather than half an hour which you are doing every day.

In initial stage, you find that your Mind is not permitting. You are getting tired or not feeling good. But, keep continue to repeat for few days, you can find that your Body and Mind both are absolutelyget  alligned & pushing you to complete the goal or to perform exercise of one hour daily as desired.

In fact, this is like a re-wiring or re-programming the system. Once starts to repeated activities, the Mind starts to follow the new pattern & gradually drop the old pattern. This way, human being can change activities of Subconscious level of the Mind by repeating frequently whatever he or she wants to change in Subconscious level of the Mind.

Human Behavior Controls by Subconscious level of the Mind

Our behavior usually controlled by Subconscious level of the Mind. How you behave for a particular case or situation or a issue, absolutely, it is not coming up from Conscious level of the Mind. In fact, it comes out from Subconscious level.

A kid got scared while suddenly power failed at home. He became so scared and started to cry. This is the first time experience for the kid had. While similar situation occurred again after sometimes, same behavior had come out from Subconscious level of the Mind. The kid became scared & started to cry.

Once similar situation occurs again, Subconscious Mind will behave like similar way.

Subconscious Mind Sometimes Attacks Over the Body.

It is surprising that sometimes, Subconscious level of the Mind attacks over the physical body. It looks like from nowhere suddenly it appears. Once, you ate a Pineapple. After sometimes, you felt pain at stomach. You felt & thought that Pineapple was the root cause of such pain, even it was not the root cause. Most probably other issues.

Once your Mind has started believing that pineapple is the root cause for such stomach pain, it has created a pattern of belief in Subconscious level of the Mind. It is like believing is creating. After some days later on, you again ate pineapple and suddenly Subconscious Mind recognized from the pattern what had experienced like stomach pain. You started to feel pain at stomach.

Why such pain arise?

This caused from the believing that pineapple was the root cause of stomach pain. Subconscious Mind starts to remember & affect over stomach by creating pain from nowhere else.

Mental Spec:

How much information or data can store or save in your Mind? This is absolutely unreliable. Almost infinite, that is limitless.

Each & every experience what human beings are experiencing from the moment of birth, all are being saved or stored in the Subconscious level of the Mind. In fact, nothing get destroyed. This is like Data processing by the computer & storing in the Drive.

Everything, what the Mind noticed, all goes to Subconscious level & stored in hidden way in Subconscious level as Memories. Whenever it requires, Subconscious level brings it up. Nothing get destroyed rather it lies in hidden manner. This is really a very surprising fact.

If the Computer Disk gets full, it shows in the screen that “No Space”.  As for human Mind, have you noticed anything like that?

No one has seen or will never occur due to infinite number of storage capabilities of the Mind in Subconscious level. This unbelievable storage capacity is in human mind especially in Subconscious level is really a big surprise!


Subconscious level of the Mind plays a unbelievable role in human life activities, no matter of physical activities or mental activities. Our 95% percent activities are being handled by Subconscious level even we are almost unaware.

Subconscious level of the Mind can creates pattern of habits based on experiences of momentary activities and can able to re-program or re-wire new pattern to change behavior. In fact, it is absolutely a good opportunity for human beings to change life style by developing or cultivating Subconscious level of the Mind for healthy life.

Isn’t it?

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