What is Mindfulness?

The word “Mindfulness” is a very common word nowadays, you can hear almost everywhere. Isn’t it?

Most probably, you have also tried to find out the true meaning of Mindfulness here & there on the Web and also in books. But, still, you might intend to go further in depth to know about Mindfulness.

In fact, most of the people, are not truly understand the depth & true meaning of this widely used word “Mindfulness”. Of course, there might have many reasons behind this as it has been interpreted in many ways due to their ability of understanding.

In this Article, have tried level best to bring out the depth for better understanding, which might help you to have a clear & comprehensive understanding of Mindfulness.

According to Wikipedia

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention in the present moment without evaluation, a skill one develops through meditation or through other training. Mindfulness drives from Sati, a significant element of Buddhist tradition.

If you base on the definition of Mindfulness as stated on Wikipedia, it is clearly indicating that Mindfulness develops through Meditation or other training. That means Mindfulness is the ability of the Mind which developed through Meditation or some other training. So, Mindfulness is not the Meditation at all.

Wikipedia has also stated that Mindfulness derives from ‘Sati’ which is a significant element of Buddhism. Let’s look at the meaning of the word Sati.

Mindfulness originates from the Pali term ‘Sati’ in Sanskrit ‘Smrti’. Both Pali & Sanskrit are the Indian language.

In Pali language, the meaning is –

Self Collectedness, Powers of Reference, Retention

In Sanskrit, the meaning is

To Remember, To recollect, To Bear in Mind

Based on depth analysis, that Mindfulness is the Power or capability to Retain or Hold.

So, the Meaning of Mindfulness we can draw that –

Mindfulness is the ability to consciously aware of the Present Moment without any Judgement.

But, the question comes, what to be aware of the Present Moment? Isn’t it?

Let’s go to see more in depth.

The Foundation or Frame of Reference of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness of Body (Bodily Sensation)
  • Mindfulness of Feelings
  • Mindfulness of Mind or Mental Process
  • Mindfulness of Mental Objects or Qualities

Having depth of study in the topic and based above-mentioned analysis, let’s go together to outline the clear & comprehensive understanding of Mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is to be consciously aware at the Present Moment to Observe over Bodily Sensation, Mental feelings, the Mind & Mental Objects (qualities) without any attachment & judgment”

The attributes of the Mindfulness is to observe and understand the True Nature of the Body & the Mind that ultimately reveals the True Nature of the Self.


The Average Mind (Untrained or Cultivated) is like the Monkey Mind. It never remains at the Moment, rather wanders all times. So, whatever to know or understand, the Present Moment is the Right Moment. That implies even in Mindfulness.

The Unique attributes of Mindfulness is absolutely be aware at the Present Moment to understand what is happening in the Body and also in the Mind without getting attachment & Judgement. If any Attachment & Judgement involve, the True Nature of the Body & Mind will not be able to understand. Ultimately, the aim of understanding the True Nature of Self will not able to woven up.

Even Mindfulness might look very simple and so easy from the words, in fact, to reach that level of capabilities requires tremendous efforts & time with great patience to cultivate the Mind. Yet, the fruit of such efforts are absolutely unbelievable which can’t be expressed in words rather to be in being.

Not in words or lines of reading, rather to have in practice to reach in Mindfulness is the most effective and needed as well that understanding based on my years of being in Mindfulness. This is the simple & straight words in reality.

Are you in Mindfulness?

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