Why Mindfulness is Non-Judgemental?

No matter you like or dislike, the Mind always creates thoughts one after one. In fact, creating thoughts after thoughts are the functions of the Mind. This is very natural. But, it is very common that almost everyone gets attached to thoughts & start judging over such thoughts. This is like – what is this? Why it happened? Why to me only? But, in Mindfulness, you are absolutely away from any judgement of thoughts.

Why Mindfulness is Non judgement?

You can find answers in this Article why Mindfulness is Non-Judgmental. Let’s jump into it for clear understanding.

Judgement is nothing but creation of the Mind:

Likes or dislikes, good or bad, happy or sad, etc., which all are related to judgement. Isn’t it?

Why the Mind creates all these?

If you deeply observe mindfully, you can find that likes or dislikes, good or bad, happy or sad, etc., all these are being created by the Mind. In fact, it is not happening to you only, but also happening to everyone. Human Mind has designed to act such a way and all of us have to accept this natural activities of the Mind.

You might have taken a Cup of Coffee. You felt so cheerful, as it was so delicious. How you understood it was delicious?

Your tongue has tasted it. Isn’t it?

Once coffee touched to your tongue, signals were sent to the Mind (Brain) who processed such signals and created a feeling. When it was favorable, it creates a positive signal. You felt cheerful or delighted, hence, taste of coffee was good. If you take the same Coffee after sometime, you might not feel so cheerful or delighted. In that case, you might not feel that the taste of coffee was not good.

Why same thing for same person, once taste good & the other time taste not so good or bad?

The fact is that the Mind has created two types of feelings in two different times. One is good, and the other is bad. If you look at likes or dislikes, nice or ugly, happy or sad, etc., all comes from the Mind in a same way. All these feelings are expressing either in positive mode or negative mode by the Mind.

As for the taste of Coffee, has also occurred the same situation. Good or not so good or bad tase of Coffee were the creation of the Mind.

That means judgement is being created by the Mind and expressed such judgement through feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc. No matter of likes or dislikes, good or bad, happy or sad, nice or nasty, etc., all are nothing but the creation of the Mind which express through thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.

Now, let’s move further a bit of deep level to find out how Mind figure outs all this attribution?

The Mind has the ability to keep track of all experiences, whatever has been encounter or encountering in the Present Moment. Nothing get lost at all. No matter such experiences are being encountered physically or mentally, everything are under tracking of the Mind. This tracking activities usually start from the early hood of human life. You are also not out of that.

The Mind keeps records of all experienced in Subconscious level as Memory. As there are so many types of experience encountered from childhood, the Mind creates different types of pattern based on their types or criteria or nature. When the Mind finds anything which is similar as earlier experiences, the Mind pulls out information from the Subconscious level & act accordingly like past.

Most of our daily activities are usually from Subconscious level of the Mind. Going to wash faces, brushing teeth, driving car, writing, typing in computer, etc., all functions always very similar way. No need to instruct the hand or feet to act. They act like auto instructed. Subconscious level of the Mind takes place in the position of autopilot and creates behavioral pattern based on experiences. As a result, movement or functions of the body & Mind acts accordingly without any instructions to do so.

So, it is clear that Judgement is nothing but the creation of the Mind. As likes or dislikes, good or bad, happy or sad, nice or ugly, etc., all are the results of judgement created by the Mind, in fact there are limitless judgement for each & everything by the Mind in case it starts to judge over & over.

Is it not logical? Why not think over yourself?

Hence, Judgement is nothing but the creation of the Mind. There is always a tendency of the Mind to step further for judgement over judgement. In such case, no doubt that the Mind will keep continue to roll over & over and face distraction by doing judgement over judgement.

Hence, Mindfulness is always Non-Judgmental.

Self-Centric Mind never Judge Thoughts & Emotions Neutrally:

It is very natural tendency of the Mind that it is always very Self-Centric. Any situation experienced by the Mind either physically through sensory organs or mentally, the Mind always brings it towards the self. Once such experienced brings toward the self, the Mind starts to judge using whether they are favorable or not, whether are any possibility of breaking comfort zone or not, whether such situation is safe or unsafe, etc., the Mind starts to judge. Such judging tendency is very natural behavior of the Mind.

When the Mind starts to judge, the key focus is always to protect self, takes place in position. Hence, self centric Mind starts to drifting over & over on such thoughts or emotions or feelings which has been created by the Mind to express the encountered or experienced situation. As the Mind is self-centric, judgement of thoughts or emotions, feelings, etc., all starts to lose their true nature. That is judgement made based on favor or disfavor, likes or dislikes, etc., of the Mind by itself.

Even all thoughts are created by the Mind and the Mind itself starts to judge keeping it. While Self-centric attitude is there, true judgement never come up from the Mind. In self centric position, the Mind be never able to be in a neutral position to judge right way. In such situation, real nature or true nature of thoughts or emotion not able to find or observe.

Hence, to avoid self centric tendency of the Mind, Non-judgmental approach is always in the center while in Mindfulness. So, Mindfulness is always Non-Judgemental.

Ego-Centric Mind always Influence over Thoughts & Emotions:

Ego is the most common traits of the Mind. It is not avoidable that almost everyone has some kinds of Ego lies in their Mind. When Ego remains in the Mind, a conflict or resistance over thoughts or emotions take place front to front. Such conflicts in between Ego & Thoughts or emotions or feelings, Ego starts to influence tremendously. As a result, true nature or real nature of thoughts or emotion lost its originality.

Of course, intensity of Ego plays a vital role in that case. If too much Ego or too little Ego remains in the Mind, true nature or real nature of thoughts or emotions, feelings deviates based on influence by the Ego. So, devotion from the original nature or real nature or true nature absolutely depends on intensity of Ego, which is also lying in the same Mind.

In order to observe the true nature of thoughts or emotions or feelings, etc., whatever takes place in the Mind and also whatever notices or observes in the physical body like sensation or movement, etc., a neutral position is required.

Hence, to observe the true or real nature of thoughts or emotions, the Mind must be away from Non-Judgmental in Mindfulness. In fact, the Mind achieves such abilities through training or cultivation to be in Mindfulness.

As a result, Mindfulness is always Non_Judgemental which can open up the true or real nature of thoughts or emotion or feelings, etc., without losing their originality.

Judgement over Judgement in the Present Moment:

In fact, in Mindfulness, the Mind is always aware of its every movement. No matter of thoughts or emotions or sensation or mental phenomena or mental activities or physical activities, etc., whatever is notice by the Mind, it is always aware. Awareness takes place, a vital role to keep the Mind in the Present Moment. Even any Judgement is appearing in the Mind at the very Present Moment, the Mind is also aware.

It is like Judgement over Judgement. That means, the Mind is also keeping its observation whether any Judgmental approach is occurring or not. The Mind is totally aware of its own position.

The Mind usually remains very neutral in Mindfulness. Only remain in bare awareness and observance, keeping itself in a natural position.

As being natural, the Mind can clearly observe everything like thoughts, emotions, sensation, etc. in the very present moment where true or real nature can observe.

As a result, the Mind is itself in Non-Judgemental in Mindfulness.


The key focus of Mindfulness is that the Mind to remain in Awareness with Nonjudgmental-Jin the Present Moment. As the Mind has such abilities which has been achieved by cultivation or training of the Mind, the Mind is always be able to perform all these functions properly. In fact, Mindfulness is not Meditation.rather it is the ability of the Mind to remain in the Present Moment with Awareness without Judgement.

Being in awareness with Non-Judgemental approach in the Present Moment, whatever is happening in the MInd as well its surroundings, the Mind can observe the true nature or real nature of everything. As no judgement is there, thoughts or emotions or feelings or sensation or mental phenomena, etc., the Mind can observe very naturally and observe their true nature or real nature.

Hence, Mindfulness is totally Non-Judgmental in all aspects.

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