Why You Should Live in the Present Moment?

This is not surprise at all that human Mind has a natural tendency of wandering in the past & the future apart from the present. Yet, why everyone is running behind the Mind to let it Live in the Present Moment. Myself is not out of this too like all others.

Most probably, you are also trying to Live in the Present Moment or might be thinking why should Live in the Present Moment?

This article, have explained the points in brief which might need you to think why you should also Live in the Present Moment. Let’s be there straight.

The Past Be Never Back & Can’t Ignore the Past Also:

No doubt at all that the past will never be back. It has gone forever. The past is nothing but the Memories which your Mind will pull back from the level of Subconscious. All experiences encounter by the Mind in movement of life has always been stored in the Subconscious level of the Mind as Memory and nothing has been destroyed as well will not be destroyed too. In fact, the Mind functions as default, like the way.

But, the question might come in your Mind, did the Past never pass through the Present?

Yes, of course, the Past was also the Present Moment once and had to move through the Present Moment also. No one can ignore this reality. This is fact.

As the Past was there and that’s why the Present also exist. In fact, everything exist in the Present Moment which manifest thought our sensory organs and the Mind creates the reality within itself. We see, we feel, we observe, we do, we move, so on., are all in the Present Moment which goes to the Past as the Present Moment is absolutely momentary.

This is like that you are standing over a moving belt. You are feeling that you’re standing on the belt, even the belt is continuously moving. The Present Moment is similar as on the standing over the moving belt. In fact, the present is the collections of the immediate past events.

For the sake of better understanding and better communications, human beings have given the name of the movement of time like the present, the past and also the future. Though the Present is absolutely momentary, yet, it is treated as the present of immediate past collections of moments.

Can you Ignore the Past?

This question might also come up in the Mind.

Of course, no one can ignore the Past. But, why?

As everything is momentary, time is also not out that momentum. Yes, time is also momentary. No one can ignore this reality.

Is there anyone in evidence that he has no memory of the past? Pretty sure that it is quite impossible to find out in the earth. If no memory of past is there, question of existence arise, obviously. In no memory is there, movements or activities of moment to moment functions of human life also going to face the same question of existence. Isn’t it?

Yes, we must accept the reality or truth of the Past. No way to ignore.

As you, me & no one can ignore the Past, that means we, all, have to accept the Past. This is absolutely logical understanding. What you think?

Should you Live in the Past?

This is the most critical question for everyone. No doubt about it.

As the Mind has always tendency to wander in the Past, in the Future and also in the Present, we have to face this natural tendency of the Mind. Of course, resisting or confronting over the Mind is nothing but to face the conflicts, only the option is, to face the events what occurring in the present moment in the Mind and accept it without any judgement & attachment. Once no judgement & attachment of such events or thoughts or movement of the Mind, the events of the Mind disappear all these fast from its movement. So, no more distraction or too little distraction occurs in the Mind.

The fact is, keep continue Living in the Memories or Living is the Past might lead to bring more distraction in the Present Moment. Once the Mind distracts in the Present Moment being in the Past continuously, of course, the Present moment face tremendous distraction. Thus, leads to make the life most miserable at the very present moment. Have you noticed this in your life?

Hence, it is wise to face the Past, Accept it and Let go rather than keeping continue to live or dwell in the Past to avoid any distraction in the Present Moment.

The Future is Unpredictable, But, The Present is Momentary Also:

No doubt at all that the Future is absolutely uncertain. No one know what might happen after a while. Isn’t it?

In contract, the Present Moment is also momentary. What we human beings are calling as the Present is nothing but the immediate collections of the Past also. If the Present is momentary, and it immediately falls into the future, we can’t avoid it also. Is this not logical?

If so, the Present falls into the Future very fast before you notice it. Isn’t it?

In this case, you might face in the dilemma of the Present & the Future also. How to identify the Present & the Future?

The Present immediately falls into the Future. Is it possible to Ignore the Future?

Yes, the Present is very momentary. It never last long. The Present immediate falls into the Future. No one can ignore this. This is reality. What you think about this?

Yes, you can’t ignore the Future also like the Past as the Past was the movement of Momentary Present and also the Future is the Momentary Movement of the Present too. The Momentary Movement is applicable for both the situation that is the Past & also the Future. This is very logical.

As human Mind moves here & there and also in the Past & in the Future too moment to moment, in fact, the Mind also in the trap of momentary movement. This is the natural creation and you, me and all others can’t avoid this reality also. Do you think you can ignore this reality?

The Reality is reality and no way to ignore it.

Should you Live in the Future while you are in the Present Moment?

Of course not, that you should live in the future while you are in the present moment. Even though the Mind might project for the future based on experience of the past moments and create thoughts, patterns, mental images, feelings, etc., all these are nothing but the creations of the Mind. As the Mind is always shy & fearful, it always tries to remain in safe & comfort zone. Hence, comparison with past by pulling memories of the past from Subconscious level & projecting for the future are nothing but to have security of survival.

As the Mind has natural tendency of wandering in the future, you can’t ignore it also. If you try to stop it by forcing by self creating thoughts or resisting or confronting over other thoughts, obviously, there will be a conflict arise within all thoughts. No doubt that the Mind will get wild, and it will start to create more & more thoughts to be in safe zone. In that case, you have to tackle the Mind naturally rather than mechanical activities.

Once you face the facts or situation or scenario or whatever the Mind creates as imaginary, the Mind starts to lose its interest over them. Then, naturally, back to the present moment. Slowly starts to reduce the movement or wandering in the past.

As the Future is the momentary movement of the present and the Future is absolutely unpredictable, hence, you can’t avoid the Future also. But, facing the momentary movement of thoughts in the future without any judgement and let them go as usual, Be in full awareness & attentive utmost in this regard. You will find that suddenly projection of the future disappear from the Mind, and you are in the present moment. Once you are being to be in this way, you can find that your present moment of living is not being distracted, and the Mind always gets back to the moment being used to in the new pattern.

So not ignoring the future which is reality rather attentively facing, accepting & letting go as usual without any attachment & judgement, you are absolutely, Living in the Present Moment.

The most important focus is to accept the reality and move ahead to keep continue in the present moment without any distraction. If the present moment is in distraction, obviously, not only the present moment but also the future are going to be distracted as the present moment falls into the future in a moment.

The Present is Momentary & Goes to the Future in a Moment:

Is the Present is constant? If not constant, how are you going to Live in the Present Moment? Are this questions not arising in your Mind?

Yes, all these are very vital questions how to Live in the Present Moment while the Present is absolutely momentary and immediately move to the future. No one can’t ignore the movement of time. It moves its own way. This is also the true nature of the time.

As the Mind always wanders like go back & forth both in the past & future, and also remains in the present, that movement of the Mind is also momentary. Have you noticed it?

In fact, Living in the Present is also Momentary and Everything is in the momentary movement. Time, Mind, Body, each & everything in this planet are momentary. This is reality. Yet, movement of each & everything in this physical and invisible world are in this momentary journey. This truth, either your Mind is not get aware of it or the Mind might ignore it. But, is Reality.! Right?

Facing the movement of the Mind and Accepting the reality without attachment and judgement and also let it go as usual are also in the movement of this momentary world. Though we all say to Live in the Present Moment, but, the Present is nothing but the collections of the immediate present which is also falling in the future. This is also reality.

If the Present Moment is Momentary, Is It Really Possible to Avoid The Past, The Future & Also The Present?

As momentary is the true nature of each & everything and also for the time as well, why the question to Live in the Present Moment? Let’s go to figure out in the final step of Reality.

  • Not matter of solid structure or liquid, everything is in a constant movement. Visibility limitation of human eyes can’t see the true nature.
  • Even the Mind (Brain) which is in momentary movement, even it’s also invisible.
  • Time is also in the journey of movement, and the Present is also immediately falls into the Future. Even the Future has gone through the Present Moment.
  • Mental phenomena, feelings, thoughts, and every activity of the Mind are also momentary.
  • Your physical body & the Mind are also in the momentary movement.
  • In fact, each & all things including the tiny particle is also in the movement of constant change.
  • No one can ignore the Past, the Future & the Present are also momentary.

Based on above facts, no one can ignore the Past, the Future & the Present which all are momentary. Even though the Present is moving in the back & forward, which creates the Past & Future in this movement. It’s better to be fully aware of each movement of moment with utmost awareness & attentiveness and also without getting attachment & Judgement can help to remain in the very moment with no distraction or too little distraction. If no distraction or too little distraction in the very present moment, the purpose of present moment can fully be utilized properly. The returns are very worthy and the future which arise from the immediate present moment are also be very worthy in this momentary journey of life & time.

Think over above stated logics to find out yourself is much more helpful to know your true reality in the momentary movement of life.


In fact, the movement of the Present goes in the Past as well in the Future too. That means the Present Moment is also Momentary. As, human beings, are treating the immediate Past Moments as the Present, it is better to live at the moment accepting the reality is much more worthy rather than dragging or dwelling upon in the Past & the Future in the momentary world.

If you Live in the Present Moment with full awareness & attentiveness, of course, that present will lead you to the future which is also an immediate movement of the Present Moment.

So, are you nt going to Live in the Present Moment?

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