Why your Mind creates Fear?

Everyone encounters fear in life. Some might have more fear, or some might have less. No matter how physically or mentally strong a person is, still he or she has to encounter some kinds of fear. The surprising fact is that almost everyone doesn’t bother at all to know why the Mind creates fear.

Let’s have a look first, what Fear is & Why Fear Matters?

What is Fear?:

Fear is the most basic human emotions which is unpleasant. Human Mind (Brain) is in such a way designed or programmed into the nervous system that works like an instinct. If the Mind receives or recognize a danger or possible danger OT threat, it expressed through an intensely unpleasant emotion.

In fact, Fear is very common for all human beings, which developed from the early hood of life for survival. Of course, Fear never leave at all from the life. This is the reality of human life. No one is absolutely away from Fear.

Intensity of Fear:

Like all other things, intensity of Fear also varies. Some Fear are more, some Fears are less & some Fears are more intensive. In fact, intensity depends on the ability of the Mind up to how much level it could be able to tackle or absorb. There is no scale to measure Fear. Based on basic depth & impact over Life, we can take stated intensity in consideration.

If the Mind is strong enough to tackle in fact, it never creates any Fear or create less Fear. If the Mind predicts situation is not able to tackle or there might have possible danger & not able to tackle or too little ability to tackle, the Mind takes the situation as Fear.

Let’s step further why Mind creates Fear based on above understanding of Fear.

Mind has experience of Danger in the Past that leads to create Fear:

In early hood, the Mind encounters many experiences. Whatever situation it has encountered, the Mind never forget. Facing danger is one of the situation of the Mind is one of the experience in early stage of life. As the Mind has the ability to keep tracks of all activities & stored as memory in the subconscious level, the something applied for facing danger too.

Most frequent experience always remain in Subconscious level and the Mind usually pulls them for perform activities. Of course, some memories goes to the Unconscious level of the Mind which mostly forgotten due to time span. No matter any memory goes to Subconscious or Unconscious level of the Mind, nothing get destroyed at all. Whenever needed, the Mind has the ability to pull out them easily and immediately also.

As the Mind has encountered many experiences in life, it knows well for survival and creates Fear when predicts anything is dangerous or unsafe for life.

Mind always tries to remain in Comfort Zone and Creates Fear when possibility threats to Comfort Zone :

Mind has natural tendency to remain in Comfort Zone all times. If the Mind finds any situation which it feels or sense might break the comfort zone, the Mind always reacts and get fearful. This natural tendency is built in. the Mind, and it acts accordingly.

It is like keeping in the fence & be in safe zone. The Mind it always tries to remain secure by guarding itself all the ways. Possibility of danger or facing danger creates the mind afraid. As a result, the Mind creates Fear and expressed through emotions.

Mind creates Fear for Survival:

When the question of survival arise, nothing can stop. Isn’t it?

Similarly, the Mind, instantly act upon it when question of survival arise. Sensing any kind of threat or danger, the Mind gets fearful. In such situation, the Mind send signals to whole physical body as well the Mind itself through nervous system which in fact designed to act accordingly.

Once such signals of danger created by the Mind, the Mind creates Fear in the Mind itself. In fact, for survival & to be in safe zone, the Mind creates Fear. The unique feature of the Mind is that it has the ability to sense or predict any kinds of threat or danger immediately, which is absolutely unbelievable.

As a result, you are surviving in every step of life as the Mind is guarding you all situation to remain in safe as well as in comfort zone. If such guarding system was not designed to act in the Mind, the question of survival might face in danger or threat in every step of life.

Mind forces to tackle situation by creating Fear:

When Fear arises in the Mind, in fact, the Mind forces to tackle the situation of danger or threat immediately. If no Fear creates by the Mind, it is quite impossible to face & tackle situation which is dangerous or threatening. Otherwise, in every step of life might have chance to fall into the trap of danger or threat and no chance to escape from such dangerous or threatening situation.

Have you noticed it?


This is no doubt at all that no one can avoid danger or threat in life. If the Mind is not built in such a way to sense any situation which might lead to face threat or danger, it was quite impossible to survive. In fact, creating Fear by the Mind alerts you to move in the safe zone immediately for survival.

Of course, if any Fear keep continue to carry on by the Mind itself, might lead the life in distraction, indeed, Fear is one of the survival signal of the Mind to keep you in safe zone. Fear can’t be avoided in life and no can avoid Fear rather building ability of the Mind to tackle Fear by itself which are really manageable.

Life teaches us so many things in every step. Even Fear is unavoidable for survival of life, yet, living in the present moment with Mindfulness can help to encounter fear in a manageable way.

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