Why your Mind is Fully Occupied with Thoughts?

This is no surprise at all that many of us are absolutely unaware about why our Mind is fully occupied with thoughts. Have you ever asked yourself this question?

As the Mind is the source of thoughts, obviously, thoughts will arise. But, when thoughts after thoughts continuously arises from the Mind and the Mind gets fully occupied with thoughts, no doubt at all that the Mind gets wild and faces distractions. Thus, leads to face Mental Stress, Anxiety, Depression, etc., and get mentally tired or sick.

This is a very common scenario in busy life. If, we know why the Mind always fully occupied with thoughts, still, we can find the ways to reduce thoughts as much as can and easily escape from such kinds of mental distractions or take preventive measures to avoid such situation easily.

In most cases, we never take care our Mind either knowing or unknowing. This is a very common phenomena.

The most common reasons that makes the Mind fully occupied with thoughts has been briefly discussed in below for better understanding.

Unawareness about the Mind and Functions of the Mind

It is not surprising at all that most of the people are not much aware at all about the Mind and also not aware how the Mind functions. In generally, they took it as a normal thing in life. Even the Mind is the prime source of directions of all activities of a human being, unfortunately, almost everyone not bothers at all about this or absolutely ignore it.

The physical body is absolutely directed by the Mind. If the Mind (Brain) doesn’t give any signal or direction to the physical body, it doesn’t work. Even all kinds of Mental activities are also comes from the Mind. If the Mind doesn’t properly function, destruction starts not in the Mind, but also in the physical body. There is also a balance state of the Mind & Body and there is relation in between the Mind & Body too. Are you aware about this Mind & Body relationship?

If the Hardware of the Computer doesn’t work properly, no doubt at all that the whole system of the Computer processing is disrupted. The Mind acts like a hardware of the data processing of a human body & mind.

Being unaware about the Mind & functions of the Mind, you are absolutely in the darkness about your Mind. This is like moving in the darkness. In that case, thoughts after thoughts are appearing and disappearing in the Mind and you are moving in the darkness of thoughts. You are not getting out of the darkness. Just move here & there within the darkness and putting your Mind with fully occupied with thoughts!

Have you ever noticed it?

Fear of Loneliness

From the moment of birth, the Mind starts to experience both inside & surroundings of itself. Whatever experience gone through physically as well mentally, each & every experience goes to the Mind. In the Subconscious level of the Mind starts to store all these information, data, etc., which has experienced and store them as Memory. No information or data get destroyed or lost from the Mind.  

Based on moment to moment experience of the life, Mind starts to understand by itself how to stay in safe and to remain within the comfort zone. As a result, the Mind is always scary and remains in fear of loneliness. Always starts to chatter. If no chattering, it seems that you are going to face danger or going to lose everything. If not get involved in chattering, seems that you are getting in lost or going to mad or crazy or going isolated and getting in the trap of loneliness. As a result, the Mind always creates thoughts after thoughts keeping itself busy and remain as alive.

This is the funniest facts of the Mind. The Mind itself creates fear & itself creates continuous chattering by generating thoughts after thoughts & keep the Mind itself with full of thoughts. No space remains in the Mind. This is nothing but the self-created distractions of the Mind by occupying with full of thoughts by self-generation of thoughts.

Emotionally Attachment to Thoughts

As the Mind creates thoughts after thoughts, you are getting attached to such thoughts emotionally. The more you get attached to thoughts, you see that more & more thoughts are coming from the Mind. When you emotionally get attached to any thought, such thought get more strength and in return the Mind starts to create more thoughts like a chain or series. The Mind is not getting any rest at all. You are getting more emotional & moving around in the cloud of thoughts. Thus, the Mind face distractions and you also get tremendous distractions mentally.

As an example, you became sad when due to some hard words uttered by your friend. You start to get to much emotional. Your Mind starts to come up with thoughts like that why he or she hurt me? Anything wrong? Why this, why that, so on. Your Mind again starts to create thoughts after thoughts & the same Mind again emotionally getting more attached to such thoughts and moving here & there in the cloud of thoughts until get tried.

Who is going to tired?

The Mind is getting tired. Who has created all these thoughts? The answer is the Mind. Who is facing distractions? The answer is also the Mind.

What happens then? Mental stress! Mental Anxiety!

Who is going to this Mental Stress or Mental Anxiety? The Mind is going to face all these.

Do you know who is going to face this Mental Stress, Mental Anxiety, etc., finally? The answer is very straight forward. It is you as the Mind belongs to you. Isn’t it?

Conflicts between Thoughts

When the Mind runs thoughts after thoughts, in most cases, conflicts arise in between thoughts. One thought appears with one direction, then, the thought arise in counter which is absolutely to opposite direction. Then, conflicts starts in between the two thoughts.

Have you ever noticed it?

Yes. This type of conflicts between two thoughts mostly happens in daily life. As an example, you want to do something. One of the thought arise positively that means it express positive signal to go ahead with what you thought before to do. Suddenly, another thought appears as negative that means, in negative approach that means not to do.

Both the thoughts in two opposite directions. It creates a conflict in between. Suddenly, another thought arise. Which one to do? Positive one or negative one or uncertainty?  Indecision starts to face. In reality, the stronger thought starts to influence in decision making process and lead to have a decision of the stronger one.

In fact, conflict of thoughts leads to face distractions in the Mind and stressing over each other thoughts creates a puzzle in the Mind. As a result, the Mind starts to run over here & there and force to face distractions and get fully occupied with thoughts.

Resisting to Control by willingly creates Conflict

Similar conflicts can arise when you start to think over to resist over a thought. When resistance apply over any of the thoughts, obviously, a conflict arise in between.

Knowing or unknowing, everyday more or less such kinds of conflicts arise in our Mind. This is a very normal phenomena. But, resistance over thoughts starts conflict and encourage the Mind to create more & more thoughts until the issue get resolved.

 Hence, the Mind doesn’t get any rest at all. The Mind gets to run over in the circle of thoughts and get tried. Thus, mental distractions arise as the Mind get fully occupied with thoughts.

If you pay a bit of attention, you can easily notice this situation.

Self-Argument with Thoughts

It is a very common nature of human being to do self-argument. If one thought arise, you get attached to that thought. You starts to do analyze. If not in favor of you, you start to argue over that thought. The thought which you argued upon, gets strength. The Mind itself get inspired and starts to generate more thoughts.

The more thoughts arise, you get more attached to these thoughts. The Mind starts to raise thoughts after thoughts in a series no matter of relevant or irrelevant. Nonstop of thoughts continues to arise & disappear. The Mind gets again distracted and get tried by itself as being not in rest due to fully occupied with thoughts.

Giving too much Importance to Thoughts

When you give too much importance to any thought, the thought get stronger than before. The Mind get inspired to generate more thoughts in relates to that thought. You again got attached to new thoughts and pick few of them and again the Mind starts to generate more & more thoughts.

As a normal phenomenon, more & more thoughts starts to appear & disappear while they get any importance. This process keeps continuing. The Mind get fully occupied with thoughts, no matter you want or not.

Being given importance to thoughts, the thoughts gets more powerful which keeps continue to inspire the Mind again & again for more thoughts. The Mind become restless due to more & more thoughts. No space occurs in between two thoughts. As a result, the Mind gets fully occupies with thoughts & starts to get distracted.

Worry about the Future

This is a very common human nature to get worry about future. What will happen tomorrow? What will be future? Will it be sufficient savings for the future? Will the future be in favor of me? So on. Have you ever noticed it?

Thoughts in relevant to future arise as the Mind always try to stay in safe zone based on experience. Based on previous experiences which were stored in the level of Subconscious Mind, the Mind starts to wander in future and starts to create different kinds of thoughts which mostly relates how to stay safe & secured. No matter you willingly desire or not, the Mind keep continues to act in such directions in light of experiences. As a result, continuous thoughts arise & disappear one after one & the Mind gets fully occupied with thoughts. The more you get attached to such thoughts, the more space of the Mind gets occupied.

Emotionally Attached to Memories

Who never loves to recall memories? Almost everyone loves to do so. Isn’t it?

Whether you like to recall past memories or not, the Mind does this job by itself. All past experiences has been stored in the level of Subconscious Mind. Not only past good or wonderful memories, but also unpleasant memories too.

Why such things happens?

The Mind never likes to remains in the present moment. It is used to go to the past as well in future, even the future yet to come. The irony is that no thought last long time. Just momentary appearance & disappearance of thoughts is very natural phenomena.

But, almost every time, when memories arise as thoughts, willingly or unwillingly, you get attached to such thoughts. When get attached to such thoughts, the Mind starts to create more & more thoughts one after one by its own nature. The Mind again gets occupied with full of thoughts.

You don’t Observe how Thoughts Appear & Disappear

If you carefully observe, you can find that no thoughts last for long time. Only momentary. Thoughts appear & disappear in a moment. Consciously or unconsciously, you are absolutely unaware about the how thoughts appear & disappear. When you are not observing how thoughts arise & disappear or go away, the Mind is noticed that there is no observation over thoughts. Hence, the Mind keeps continues to work its own way by generating more & more thoughts.

In fact, almost everyone is ignoring this. As a result, the Mind acts like its own way that keep continues to generate thoughts after thoughts and the Mind gets fully occupied.

Your Mind is Afraid to Face Reality

The very common human nature is that we never like to face reality. Almost no one. In fact, by default, the Mind keeps storing all the physical & mental activities from the moment of birth. All encountered situation or experience of each & every moment of life, the Mind stores it as memories in the Subconscious level. Nothing get skipped or nothing get destroyed. Either they go to unconscious level or just remain in the level of Subconscious level.

In fact, ll these memories remain as dormant. At any moment, these dormant memories might come up in Conscious level of the Mind either from Subconscious level or Unconscious level as flashes of thoughts.

Based on past experiences or encountered situation, the Mind creates a path by itself which one is safe or which is scary. Which one is good or which one is bad. If the Mind predicts something which is not safe or favorable in light of past experience, the Mind gets scares to face the reality of situation.

When the Mind itself not willingly to face the reality of situation or fact or whatever it is, the Mind starts to create thoughts after thoughts to figure out. What happened then?

The Mind gets fully occupied with thoughts.

Not Living in the Present Moment

This is very common nature of the Mind that it never likes to remain in the present moment. Wandering in the past memories as well wandering in the future by predicting something its own way the Mind flashes with thoughts after thoughts.

When the Mind starts to wandering in the past as well in the future, it starts to bring mostly unpredictable things or situation. In fact, the past never be back & the future is absolutely uncertain. Bringing past & future, the Mind creates distractions at the present moment. This back & forth movement creates an uncertain situation in the Mind. All such situation, reflects through as thoughts.

That means the Mind brings all the past, the future and also the present as thoughts. Continuous creation of thoughts of past & future, the Mind itself gets fully occupied with thoughts and absolutely makes the present moment fully distracted. Thus, living in the present moments get absolutely hard.

If you mindfully try to find out this, you will get a very clear picture by yourself how the get fully occupied by living in the past & the futures and making the present in too much distractions..

Too much Attachment to Materialistic Things

Nothing wrong to get attachment to the materialistic things or stuffs. In fact, all materialistic things we should have for our survival as well require for safe & sound living.. But, getting too much attachment to materialistic things, sometimes, we forget or ignore or almost overlooked that there is a Mind which needs to take care for mental wellbeing.  Isn’t it?

In fact, the Mind acts as the driving force of the physical body as well the invisible mental body. If the driving force is not being taken care of, thus, might cause an unhealthy situation for the physical body as well the wellbeing of mental body or mental life.

When getting too much attachment to materialistic things, naturally, the Mind is ignored. While the Mind is ignored, the Mind acts its own way. No matter right or wrong, no matter silent or wild, the Mind goes its own direction as it knows that no observance at all.

By default, the nature of the Mind is to keep continues to work, and the work is to create thoughts after thoughts. As thoughts after thoughts creates by the Mind, obviously, the space of the Mind gets fully occupied. This is a very simple logic, What you think?.

No Rest given to the Mind

In fact, the Mind never gets rest. Even in the rest time or sleeping time, the Mind keeps continues to function. If the space in between two thoughts gets wider, the Mind can gets some rest. Or, if less thoughts arise from the Mind, it can gets also rest. In reality, it mostly not happened.

No surprise at all that most of us absolutely not known or unaware how to keep reduce thoughts and get the Mind in rest. As a result, the Mind by nature it goes to occupies with full of thoughts.

No Inner Silence of the Mind

If Inner Silence is there, that is no noise or too less noise, there would be a space of silence in the Mind. But, most of us never bother at all to give any inner silence that is to spare Silence for the Mind.

Either the Mind by nature gets involves to create thoughts after thoughts as well willingly, or intentionally we also think. In both cases, more & more thoughts generates from the Mind and the Mind get fully occupied with thoughts.

Have you noticed it?


Knowing or unknowing, the Mind has only jobs to create thoughts after thoughts & get fully occupied of thoughts in the Mind by itself. If you are aware of why the Mind always fully occupied with thoughts, you can at least try to keep your Mind in Silence naturally without getting too much attachment to thoughts which could keep your Mind most vibrant and have yourself away from Mental Stress, Anxiety, Depression or any kinds of Mental distractions.

Are you not willing to keep your Mind in silence & remain in distractions free?

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